Monday, 28 March 2016

Millsy's Challenge - The 4th!

G'day All,

Curt asked each of us to document our own Challenge achievements and since I almost never say no to the great man I happily concurred.

This year was a bit of an odd one for me. Not only did I not exceed my total for the first time, I also went backwards significantly in points terms on last year. I do have something in the way of excuses for that though. Firstly, after 17+ years with the same company I moved on and took up a new role. They're a wonderful mob and made the whole process an absolute breeze but it did take up a lot of my time over the last 5 weeks preparing for my exit at the old place and getting in a load of prep for the new.

Secondly, just after Christmas I was commissioned by the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare to do all the design and layout work for their new Blood Eagle set of dark age skirmish rules which are now available via Nick at Northstar Miniatures. It was a ton of work but a very rewarding experience and I can't say enough wonderful things about Craig and Charles from MoGM.

OK, enough with other things I did. What about actual Challenge work? Firstly, the non bonus-theme stuff...

SAGA Norman crossbowmen

Various VBCW items

Warhammer 40K Catachan sentry guns

Warhammer Fantasy Chaos beastmaster and hounds

Warhammer Fantasy Forest Goblin spider riders

Warhammer Fantasy Savage Orc shaman riding wyvern

Frostgrave beasties

And now all six bonus themes... I decided to give the bonus rounds real good shake this year and see what I could achieve. It turns out I managed a first place, three x second places and two x third places. To say I'm a rather shocked by that would be an understatement!

Nostalgia - Fire engine and crew

Epic Fail - The summoning

Defensive Terrain - Motte and bailey fort

L'amour - The luncheon in the swamp

Nautical - Jennifer Dee, steamy tramp

Risk Taker - The attic workshop of Sir Michael Awdry

Lastly, Curt requested we include a mug shot as part of this post. You've already seen enough of me in various miniature guises, some of which involved masks (lets not go there again), plus also in fire brigade uniform. Seeing as Curt has developed something of a passing interest in things puffed and slashed I thought I'd treat him to a picture of a somewhat younger Millsy in reenactment kit from years ago, preparing for a hard days work and harder night's drinking as a standard bearer in a Swiss pike regiment.

That's a bearded Millsy on the left in glorious burgundy and crimson. Phwoar!

And that's about it. Hope you enjoyed my little recap. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and banter over my 4th Challenge. See you next year folks!

Millsy the Antipodean Minion


  1. Now there's a blast from the past! You and Colonel Cory, resplendent in some of the flashiest kit ever to grace a battlefield!
    ; )
    What a Challenge you've had! Podium finish in all the bonus rounds, and Antipodean Minion into the bargain! Well played Sir!

  2. Absolutely terrific work Millsy! I know you were strapped for time this year, but your 'reduced output' puts the majority of us to shame in both your quantity and quality.

    It's always been a pleasure having you in the mix but this year was a special treat with you taking over the Thursday crowd - thanks again for that.

    That is an amazingly nice getup in that last shot, but I must say you look rather too fresh-faced and innocent for a battle-hardened Reislaufer ensign. It does look like a heap of fun though! :)

  3. Great stuff Millsy. That's a fine outfit in that last photo!

  4. You had an absolutely wonderful Challenge this year Millsy. I so enjoyed your humour as well as your skill with the brush. It is a testament to your character that you continued with all your duties whilst taking on a new job and doing that design and layout.

    See you next year you lovely GIMP!

  5. Productive time it was for you and busy dealing with early carpet bombings as well. Good times. Nice Mardi-Gras photo. Sydney people know how to party by the looks. cheers

  6. Fantastic set of work. My copy of blood eagle arrived yesterday. Looks beautiful. One hopefully piece of constructive criticism, can you ask the authors of your future work to put the points table on a single page or double page spread

  7. Very nice work Millsy especially that Motte and Bailey! As always very productive.


  8. A superb challenge Mr Millsy and congrats on both the new role and the rules publishing. I shall be placing an order today for "Blood Eagle".

    I look forward to more verbal jousts with you in 9 months!

  9. Very nice work Mr Mills, I am not really into fantasy wargaming but that dragon is just fantastic.

  10. Outstanding work on the bonus rounds, jolly well done on the podium finishes.

  11. Millsy you're still a proper bastard! Cheers and thanks for everything mate, I'll be in touch be sure of it!

  12. For a time limited chap, you did wonderfully well Millsy. Now how come you left out the 5D?

    That's a dandy set from the dressing up box alright...

  13. Well done Millsy! You've done very well given your time constraints. Love the risk taker entry and that old photo is gold.

  14. All I'm gonna say is.....that Motte & Bailey!!!Like when Homer sees a pork chop....drooooooool!

  15. Lovely work as always Millsy and you've been a good sport throughout. I did enjoy your revenge for my Nostalgia entry :)

  16. Grand work, Millsy! You've been busy for the challenge! My favorites are the VBCW and the freighter!

  17. Fabulous work throughout the challenge Mr. Millsy! That Motte is awesome and the picnic scene was simply outstanding. Might have to get me a copy of these rules.