Monday, 28 March 2016

Sander's Challenge - Looking back...


At Challenge's end it's always great to look back and see what we have actually finished during those days of frenzied painting.
Let's see what I had decided to paint before the start of the Challenge.

On the picture above are shown, in no particular order:
- 4 Napoleonic 1:72 infantry regiments (some others were painted during the Challenge but are not in this picture). Done!
- 1 Napoleonic 1:72 HQ stand. Done!
- some 1:72 WW2 infantry figures. Done!
- A fair amount of 1:72 WW1 stuff amongst which were ANZACS, a Male Mark IV and some Artillery stands. Done!
- a unit of 1:72 7YW Austrian Cuirassiers. Done!
- 1 of the 5 squadrons of Star Wars fighters (the other squadrons had not been based or primed when the picture was taken). Done!
- My 28mm Dark Ages project, mostly in the plastic box. Pretty much none of these got painted during the Challenge excepting the characters from the Vikings TV series.
- In the foreground are the khaki clad CW 15mm Russians. Done!
- a unit of 28mm Napoleonic Prussians. Done!
I was not able to get it all in one photo so I made several and here they are. Not all painted mini's are in there because some are on their way to Canada and others were gifts and so no longer in my posession as well. 

 The painted Napoleonics:

 The larger part of the other painted figures:

 The Star Wars fighters:

If you ask me what I am most proud of it would have to be my Defensive Terrain Theme Round Entry since it got me a 3rd place in the polls and got me out of my comfort zone as far as modelling goes. I am by no means a terrain guru and doing this (over and over) till I found it right was an experience to be sure. 

Equally proud I am of my son's first steps onto the wobbly path that is our hobby and since Curt asked us to provide a picture including us I would like to re-post this picture of us two going at it! 

So what's up next? Well I am now going in strong with my Dark Ages project. I will try to create 3 Dux Britanniarum forces, Norsemen, Anglo-Saxons and Carolingians. Figures are ordered and mostly in and work has started on creating the forces out of the huge pile of plastic and metal frames and - parts. The first unit one could see, if interested over on my blog.

Let's end here with saying a BIG thnak you to all you fellow Challengers for making this an incredibly fun event to be part of, the Minions for all their great work and of course to our High Snowlord and the Kind Lady for sacrificing their private lives for such a long period every year to make sure we get our unpainted mini's pile reduced...

See you all next year!




  1. So good to see sound planning at work - I'm in a state of chaos most of the time!

    Terrific work, Sander, and most encouraging to see the next generation getting into the hobby!

  2. What a nice mix of figures to have painted. Your son has such gorgeous curls, he's cute as a button. And a future painter to boot!

  3. Great job on the painting but even better job on getting your son involved - that's a wonderful picture of the two of you and I would hope you have gotten it put in a frame.

  4. Nice job painting Sander, and yours is my favorite personal photo. He is a very nice little boy.

  5. Excellent work through the challenge and such organisation! Well done on getting the next generation hooked..... I look forward to doing the same with mine so they can beat me at all the games I teach them!

  6. Well done, you look to have had a great productive time .

  7. Well done Sander - love the troops and a fine looking young man at your side.

  8. A fine collection Sander, looking forward to your Dark Age project!

  9. Wonderful challenge Sander and good see your bringing in the next generation!


  10. A fine body of work Sander :)

  11. Nice collection achieved this round, Sander! The Napoleonic vignette is my favorite of the bunch, but the sith lord always approves star wars fleets! ;)
    That is a great photo of you and your son too!