Monday, 25 January 2016

AdamC- Spider to Hunt (15 points)

 Well folks seemed to like the last spider I did and I was able to finish this guy up tonight so here he is to creep into your dreams.
 I don't know who made this guy, its another piece that Chris Rett gave me for his Monster Hunt game for Huzzah!con. So some kid will hunt it down and get to keep it... if he or she can kill it. I went black and then yellow green because I thought it looked like a really nasty spider.

I dry brushed the abdomen to bring out the texture and give it a very spidery look.  Its ready to eat hobbits, dwarves or anyone else it can get in its web. This seems a little bigger than 28mm maybe 35mm so I will leave the exact scoring to Peter.

One last post from Adam and it's a beaut if you're into spiders.  I'm scoring him or her as a 25mm vehicle so that's another 15 points for you.  Some how I think of it as a her, since most of the nasty ones seem to be female.  Regardless of who made it, it's a lovely arachnid.  I like the yellow spots and high lighting and you've done well with the basing.    

So that will be our last post for the night and I'll sign off and hand over control to Tamsin.  It's off to bed for me if I can avoid the giant spider dreams (thanks Adam) 


  1. That is one creepy-@ss spider. Yikes! Good work (?) Adam!

  2. That is a good looking spider. One can just hear antipodeans swearing that they have bigger, ones so big they can rip the leg of a whale (But they do tend to exaggerate!) Then they will try to tell you tat is why whales don't have legs!

    The yellow accent colours work very well and add to the creature menace. I really like it. Just the thing to wake up to on a Tuesday morning!

  3. I hate spiders. This isn't helping me.

  4. Nice work on this arachnid! :)

  5. Oh hell that's creepy, the hind quarters are very realistically hairy...

  6. That is an excellent arachnid.

  7. @Peter: Thank you and your correct given how big it is this is probably a female spider.
    @Curt: Thank you hope I didn't bring on night mares
    @Clint: I was very pleased with how it came out the color is Velejo Yellow-green BTW
    @Barks: Sorry, not sorry :)
    @Tamsin: Marci
    @Sander: I was pleasently suprised it photographed as well as it did.
    @RMacedo: Exactly the reaction I wanted :)
    @PatG: Thank you.

  8. Nice job, Adam! He turned out really well...course now I need to find my boot! ;)

  9. Yikes! Even the tough Ausies are scared of this spider. Great painting.

  10. I like this one the best, seems we won't be staying side by side from this point on points wise ;-)


  11. @Dave- :)
    @Michael- Thank you
    @David- Careful it coudl be in your boot
    @Johnathan- Now that is prais! I have been to Australia and seen the way you guys grow spiders
    @Thanks Ian, I suspect you'll close the distance before the end, your a good jogging buddy.

  12. Looks like something they'd milk the venom out of in Australia ;). Nicely done.