Saturday, 14 January 2017

From SteveM: 15mm Soviet Tank Killer Company (30 Points)

Scale : 15mm (1/100)
Mfg : Battlefront Miniatures
Product : sbx31
Material : plastic

Paints: automotive primer, Vallejo Model Color, Winsor &Newton Oil, AK enamel washes, AMMO paint, AMMO pigments, gloss varnish, matt vanish
Details: 5 tanks

This time I decided to paint some WW2 Soviet tanks.  After doing some research on them and found out the SU-100 started service in 1944 and was liked by the Russian crews.  It was able to destroy almost every German tank on the battlefield until the King Tiger arrived in 1945. In looking up some stats there were between 2335 or 2350 produced depending on source material. Production ended in July 1945.  Production was restarted in 1947 in Czechoslovakia as there was a large offensive in Manchuria and many were transferred there.  The SU-100 remained effective on the front lines until 1957.  The tank was used by Soviet friendly countries and the Warsaw pact until the end of the Cold War. They saw service in Korea and Vietnam and many other locations.

 Like the other posts so far, I added battlefield weathering.  Simple green tanks but tried to make them not looking like toys.  I think it worked out well.


Saturday morning here in the UK, but I'm going to squeeze this one in as I think you had it drafted late on Friday. Update: Looks like Friday Minion made a boo-boo and didn't hit 'publish' last week - apologies Steve. 
Plain green Soviet armour can come across a bit flat and uninteresting, but not so here: really fine weathering on these hulking beasts makes them really look the business. 
Five 15mm tanks, for 30 points.  

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