Sunday, 29 January 2017

MilesR: Ammat Devourers (70 Points)

 Just a small submission this week - 10 Ammat Devourers from Reaper Minis.  They're listed as 28mm figures but actually weigh in at 40 so they're big boys.

The figures are metals and were very nicely cast and a pleasure to paint up.

These guys will be part of the "Boss-Level" for my Historicon game

Sorry for the short note and low productivity but real life has gotten in the way again!


Holy Cow! This is a inordinately small entry for Mr. Miles. I had to check the header to see if I had really seen 'Ready' on the post!

These crocodile guys are pretty darn cool. I really like their quasi-Egyptian red and white headdress, bronze scale mail and their humongous Kopesh swords. Will there be more of these fantasy units coming up in the next few weeks?

I'm also quite intrigued by the whole idea of a 'Boss Fight' in a miniatures game. You must tell us more Miles.

70 points for you Miles, I'll expect one of your patented R-Bombs in the coming week. :)


  1. A strong Egyptian vibe to the crocodile men. Very nice indeed.

  2. The game will have an Egyptian setting - more to come

    There'll be a bit of silence from me for the next two weeks - what with my arduous planning meeting in the Turks this week and several board meeting in London the next. But when I get back, well I might have something planned....

  3. I quite like the croc/lizard men. The Egyptian look suits them well! Just when you thought all the species come from south america, some biologist discovers a new species! ;)
    Have fun in your meetings, the tribe is almost complete with their work, if not this Monday, they will have something up next. ;)

  4. aaah while the cats away the mice shall play....

    have a great time by the pool.

  5. Like the crocs Miles. Try not to suffer to much in your various travels. What school of management thinking inspired Boss Level War-games or are the various schools going to fight it out on table?

  6. These are some really cool miniatures. Well done!

  7. Very nice painting on some very special miniatures.

  8. Very nice indeed, wouldn't like to meet these chaps.... well, anywhere really!

  9. "Croc like an Egyptian ..." (with apologies to the Bangles).
    Nicely done.