Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Wednesday Evening Blues

Ok, so it's the morning and not evening, but this is one of the only good songs (meaning NOT pop or country) I could find about Wednesday:

And it kinda fits me this week as this damn cough drags on, and all day feels like evening since I'm tired, and getting less sleep than our insomniac host Curt!

But anyway, on with the show!

We have several great posts showing up today including several first postings by challenge participants that are looking to avoid the cull that happens this weekend.  Best of all it looks like the wait was worth it as the submissions are top notch.

Unlike last week, there are a pile of entries queuing up to go live, and following my normal attempt to allow everyone some time at the top of the blog they will be spaced out throughout the day and show up at the top of the hour when they go live.

With that, I leave you with the obligatory camel shot....

Oh, and one last thing...  For anyone who has not read it yet, check our Milles's funny as hell numerical analysis of the challenge so far, I know it brought some joy into my day when I read it earlier this week: Milles: Week 4 Stats update.

Oh, and one more last thing.... Keep those paint brushes working everyone we are only 4 weeks into the challenge, no time to slack off yet!


  1. Welcome back for another Wednesday at the grindstone! :)

  2. Its downhill time once more!

    have a great day!

  3. Let us hope I have something for next Wednesday