Tuesday, 7 February 2017

From AledC: Arab Archers (120 points)

Hey everyone, a quick post before the deadline.

I have the archer unit for my Arab army all done, painted in a single 24 man batch. They were finished being painted last week but needed the bases done because work got in the way.

Similarly, there was going to be the 12 spearmen for my Minas Tirith Dragon Rampant army but I went to work instead of finishing the bases. I'll hopefully have those done for next week.

I doubt there will be anything else though as I'll be busy packing and moving, so don't expect much from me in the next little while.

24 archers in 28mm should bring me over my goal, time to look at greater horizons....


Alan and Paul: Nice work Aled - you just managed to squeeze this entry in in time. Great looking unit, and I hope you can give us a group photo next time so we can see how the whole Arab army is progressing.


  1. Great work Aled - lovely figures.

  2. Nice archers Aled - congrats on reaching your target )

  3. Effective work, nicely done.

  4. Nice block of archers and well done on hitting your target.
    Best Iain

  5. Great stuff. Those gripping beast figures are great. Nicely painted. cheers

  6. Nice job Aled. Like the mass group shot.

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