Tuesday, 7 February 2017

From JamesL: A Pair of Pak40s (55 points)

So you may have noticed a theme running through all my recent submissions....in fact I have indeed been painting up a whole bunch of late war German troops and vehicles that have sat in my to do box for a couple of years. One of these is the Pak40 75mm ATG presented here.
These lads have been a despondent all over black undercoat for about three years now, and finally have received some decent colour. After the joys of painting and using a 88mm in a recent Bolt Action tournament, I thought I should paint up the next in line for most feared gun, as another variant on my list.

I kept the uniforms a neutral field grey so that these chaps and their charge can be used in a Heer list or my developing SS list.

The second instalment this week is the last of my Becker conversions for the 21st Panzer div, and again courtesy of Mad Bobs Kickstarter. I painted this SOMUA MCG S307 in a slightly different camo, based on a short video clip from the period. Don't blink you will miss it...

Included in this vehicle are two crew members who actually came with the Warlords Lorraine I showed a week or so ago, and I use them with all three SPGs. Quite the cross trained chaps they are.....
I could promise this is the last of my Germans....but I'd be lying :-)

Paul & Alan: Nice work on these, its been great to watch your German BA force grow over the challenge and I love all the 21st Panzer funnies you have.  What they miss out on in the rules for being open topped they gain in their unique character.  And you just know that the PaK crew's aim is twice as good once painted :-)

6 crew, a gun and a vehicle net you 55 points this week


  1. Nice job on these, I've always liked the oddities of the 21st Panzer and the camo is great.

  2. Thank you all, it's a crazy collection, one day I'll field them in a game :-)

  3. Well done James - nice to see figures and models that have been waiting for so long get a chance under the brushes!

  4. MNIce work James. I am loving the offbeat retro fitted SPGs.

  5. Great brushwork James! That PAK 40 is going to give someone a headache.

  6. Enjoying the run of these German's


  7. Always had a soft spot for the PaK40.

  8. Nice to see these ww2 german conversions out and about and nicely done as well.
    Best Iain

  9. Good work. They fit in well with that ruined building. I drive by a Pak40 every day at work, and I am always amazed at what a low profile it has, being so close to the ground. Well concealed, as yours is, it would almost certainly have the first (and quite possibly last) shot.