Friday, 3 February 2017

From KeithS: Another Medley (110 Points)

Two very different groups of figures for today.  First up is a "Halfling Dozen" - 11 Halfling figures.  Most are Ral Parth scaled for 25mm (they're 18-20mm mostly).  I did much brighter colors than is my wont, in keeping with our the style of our Shire friends.  Not sure how I ended up with so many pairs of them, but I made sure to maximize the color variety.

Since so many of them had cloaks, I decided to fancy them up a bit with some trim and decorations.  I rather like the hatch pattern on the rightmost fellow.

A front shot.  The colors seem to work well for them, though the guy on the right looks a bit sour.

Some more.  The center guy has a "I'm Pippin and I'm a Knight of Gondor!" look about him.  I almost did some heraldry on his white tunic, but decided to leave it a stark white and black.

Since my OCD would not permit me to paint an odd number, I did a gnome with them.  This figure is from Lesser Gnome and is around 18-19mm.  He's the company's spokesgnome, or something.  I'm not sure where I got the figure, maybe a freebie from a Garycon in Lake Geneva.  In any case, a nice figure. I more or less went with the color scheme they use for their artwork on their website.

Back angle - I did do some color stripes on the horns atop the staff rather than boring white.

And now for something completely different.

I got a little tired of painting adventurer types, so I next turned to some Reaper Bones figures  I got from their first Kickstarter many moons ago.  They are pretty nice figures, though I am not a fan of the plastic they use - too soft!  First up are three undead dudes with a bit of an Egyptian flair, being mummies and all.  I decided to make them a bit colorful for that reason, rather than the usual dark undead I would typically do.  I like how they turned out.  Height wise, they are 38mm, 55mm, and 40mm, respectively.

From the back.  I like the bright blue and gold motif and will probably use it again.  The dudes are really huge for use with my usual 25mm, but that won't stop me from introducing some "giant mummies" into my games.

The rest of the undead are a mix of other Reaper figures, with one Ral Partha skeletal dog I threw in just because it was sitting there and needed painting.

The more interesting three from the rear.  I prefer the brighter shield, I think.  I did those two wraith or lich guys with some variant colors, but I think the bluer one looks a tiny bit better.  Size-wise, these ones are 48mm tall for the big ones, 29mm for the middle guy, and 35mm for the mummy.

That's it.  A bit of real variety from me for once.  Tough one for scoring since they are all weird sizes!  I come up with the following, but I defer to the wise judges:

12x4 pts
2x5 pts
1x10 pts
=103 points

Hi Keith - time or our weekly fantasy medley, excellent! Those mummies look great though in their classic turquoise and gold colours, though I sympathise with working with Bones material. The halflings and gnomes are very natty and varied, particularly those with decorated cloaks. I fine these little touches like those are worth the effort in the end.  
What's that undead with the shovel all about though? He looks like he's in charge; of what, Dungeon Sanitation? 
I'll simplify the scoring a bit, though, with 28mm for the majority fifteen (those halflings might only be ~20mm tall, but we apply the scale they're designed for, in this case 25-28mm), and the five bigger undead I'll put at 40mm.


  1. I approve of the Halfling ;-)
    Very tidy work on the cloaks

  2. A nice and colourful mixed bag of fun Keith :)

  3. I have the Mummies in my own collection very nice figures. The Halflings are very nice as well.

  4. Some lovely looking miniatures in there!

  5. Great mix you bring out for us, Halflings and undead :-)


  6. I love seeing all this old Ral Partha stuff getting some press. Well done! Hey, I used that same dog skeleton as a Warmaster giant construct for my Tomb Kings army! Noice.

  7. The hobbit who looks like Pippin is, actually, Pippin. Very nice!

  8. A good mix of useful fantasy figures. Nice Fatlings

  9. Nice halflings and the undead are good too I like the dog and shovel type!
    Best Iain

  10. Wow! I LOVE those halflings! I must have seen them dozens of times in their unpainted state, but never really "noticed" them until seeing your paint job. Excellent work! I'll have to hunt down a few of my own :)

  11. Fantastic mix of fantasy, Keith! ;)
    Those halfling adventurers are really well done, the decorative cloaks are worth it.
    I like the Egyptian undead, but top marks for the dungeon custodial engineer too! ;)