Wednesday, 22 February 2017

From PaulS: Beware the dark (155 Points)

It has now been a few weeks since the last update and my work air miles have gone up a fair chunk, so it is nice to finally be able to put a few more bits and pieces up on the blog towards the weirdest of weird war.

On the sane end of the spectrum we have a few more german infantry. Most of these are plastics from Warlord's fallschirmjager and Grenadier kits mixed up for a late war/reduced resources look. There is one metal minelayer in there too. I can't remember if he is in this group or in the Fallschirmjagers.

And a nice selection of Fallshirmjager specialists and officers to drop behind enemy lines. These are a combination of the Bolt Action plastics and metals. Much as I like the options available in the plastics, the metal figures have a lot more personality to the sculpts, even if some of the faces are wonky at times.

In the first step towards weirdness is a full squad of Black Sun infantry from Modiphius' Achtung! Cthulhu range. These lot are multipart metals with some very delicate parts. Scale wise they are mych finer than  Black coats, black helmets and black uniforms... dear god. The photo really isn't doing them justice as it is bringing some of the highlights to the surface... but I swear... never again. These may well be going on the repaint pile later and getting a different colour or another three layers of black wash :/

In addition to the Black Sun troops, we've got three Nightgaunts for Black Sun to summon and use to terrorise the poor allies. Again, these are form the Modiphius range and... once again. NEVER AGAIN! Each of these is about 7 parts. Yep, 7 parts for each of those 28mm figures. Each horn and wing is separate as well as some arms and legs... all of which are far too fragile to pin, so it is a frustrating exercise of losing bits to the floor-god, gluing bits to fingers and fingers to each other. After all that frustration, now it turns out that the paint job looks awful on camera too. What is going on this week?

The final addition to the crowd is yet another Modiphius model. This time it is one of their newer one piece resin characters, which is a much nicer sculpt. I can't for the life of me remember who it is supposed to be, or even if it is Axis or Allied. It isn't even up for sale yet, so I can't go and check :/

The last picture for this week doesn't count towards the score as it is a clearer picture of the zombies from last time around. Bits and pieces from the various Warlord plastics combined with some of Mantic's zombie parts.

This week totals to 31 28mm figures to add to the score. Lets hope that the next batch of figures is a little less frustrating and a little quicker in coming.

ByronM: Great collection of models here Paul!  I really enjoy how you mix and match parts from different kits to make some of your figures work for what you want.  All of these are great paint jobs, and I feel your pain about doing black figs, they never turn out as we would like them do they?  They look good from here though, they just lack contrast, but that is part of the point of them, right?  

Keep up the good work and I hope you get some more time around the house to paint rather than gallivanting about for work, I know how that gets old fast.  Anyway, 155 points are added to your total.


  1. Very nice indeed! I'm also a fan of the mixed and matched kits, they've worked out very well. I think that black looks rather spiffing too, I'm never happy with mine either!

  2. Well done Paul. I am a little wary of some of those "true" scale figures sometimes, as the smaller weapons etc. like to break when I'm around - but wow, do they look cool. Great work.

    1. The metal they use is actually very solid, so even the really thin assault rifle barrels should be fine. One of the characters has a pistol where the barrel is finer than a pin, but hasn't snapped off (yet)

  3. I think these look terrific Paul. I have a few of the Modiphius models and agree that they are very, very fiddly and somewhat small. Nonetheless, the results you have achieved are wonderful.

  4. Lovely looking Germans, I think they've turned out really nice,as for the black ones it is a pain but I reckon they're good.
    Best Iain

  5. Very nice work Paul. I was chuckling over your experiences with the seven part figures, but the end results are terrific.

  6. Those demons might have been a pain to build but they look good. Top painting all round. cheers

  7. I really like how you have done these the camouflage is really cool and the black coats look great.

  8. These look great Paul and should make for some fun gaming.

  9. Great painting on all of those!

  10. I think the black figures look great. I feel your pain with the multipart metal figures...