Tuesday, 14 February 2017

From RusselG - 15mm Sci-Fi (90 points)

Hello again, painters and readers,

For my second post and to bump me up close to my personal goal of 400 points i present these little minions.

These miniatures are from Ground Zero Games 15mm range.They are the corporate Ashigaru from the Japanese. I had done a single pack of them before the painting challenge started to see how they would look as stand ins for stormtroopers. Unfortunately I have rather rushed these and they didn't turn out as well as my first batch, but this force is entirely whimsical so I am not terribly bothered about it.

And here they are with the previous 8 figures from the test batch and the Vader figure who started this entire project. He had sat on lead mountain for 5 years before i decided to press on with this.
Also at the back are 2 walkers that are sold as part of the titanium series of collectibles, they like Vader were painted before the challenge, but the challenge has given me the push to get these figures finished.

45 x 15mm infantry in total.

Alan and Paul: Interesting figures, Russel - I haven't seen these before. I reckon they work pretty well as Stormtroopers, but I like them a lot in their own right, especially the officer wielding a katana! What game are you planning to use these for? 45 x 15mm figures will earn you 90 points towards your total.


  1. Nice not-Stormies there Russel :)

  2. Good stuff, I like the walkers as well.

  3. Well done Russel. I always feel better when I read about the lead mountains of others...I feel less bothered about my own :)

    The GZG figures do tend to look better when painted than they ever do on that labrynth of a web site...

  4. Given the uniform variance we see in the SW films, whose to say that is not some local variant of Imperial kit, perhaps a second or third line unit wearing obsolete gear. Good working getting these figures off of Mt. Lead.

  5. Thanks everyone, re rules, I will be using fubar and the Star Wars lists on the website.

  6. I am hooked!
    I really like these not-stormies! Very nice work on them! Yet another project idea to be stolen...with wife approval of course! ;)

  7. Now I understand the not Stormtrooper comment from your blog a while back. These are terrific and very interested in seeing them hunt down rebels in the future.

    Cheers, Ross