Tuesday, 14 February 2017

From AledC - Spearmen, but not Arabs (60 points)

Another quick post everyone, am in a bit of a mid move madness. These figures were actually painted last week but the basing was not finished in time so I was able to get that sorted early in the week. No painting since then. :(

Photography has not improved yet :/
Here is the third unit for my burgeoning Dragon Rampant force, a unit of Spearmen. I'll use these as a unit of heavy foot much like the swordsman I did earlier in the challenge but without any upgrades.

Hiding in Ithilien....
I included in the unit the lovely banner bearer sculpt as I wanted to use him and some of my mass of GW LOTR models hadn't faired well in the years they were neglected.

Looking into the setting sun.
Twelve model to further add to the tally, and hopefully, I can get back to painting soon. I intend to try and get the last of the foot units done from my Arab army before the end of the challenge and an entry into the last bonus round which should put me near enough to 1000 points. We'll see how I go.

Close up on the bannerman.

Alan and Paul: Ahh - there are few things more frustrating than being unable to get paint on brush during the Challenge. I feel for you. Well done for getting these 12 finished. I'm not sure that photographing them in the long grass really works, but, this being Australia, if you can get a Huntsman spider into the photo with them it would look awesome. Hope you can get back into the painting soon.


  1. Well, the static grass on the bases sure blends in! Well done Aled.

  2. Two things:

    1) Great looking spearmen Aled,
    2) Your post makes me miss my lawn...


  3. I will admit in the grass they do look odd, but because it was so hot my place lost power for the day and that was the best spot with light :/.

    Thanks everyone :D

  4. The jungles of Ithilien are a harsh and dangerous place. Good looking Gondorians. Moving house is harsh and dangerous too, good luck with that!.

  5. Nice work Aled. I am jealous of your green grass.

  6. First...I'm not jealous at all of that green lawn! I'm busy enough without summer chores!
    I commiserate on the move, I'm still looking for stuff and I finally finished moving stuff in during December!
    The Gondor troops look excellent! Their banner men are excellent sculpts and you did that figure up perfectly! ;)