Saturday, 4 February 2017

From SylvainR: OMG SMG! (176 points)

Tovarich! Heroes of the 15mm Soviet Union!
Here is my last batch of 15mm Soviet units! On the left are 12 units of SMGs to complete an SMG  company. Each stand has 4 figurines for a total of 48 (96 points). On the left are various command stands and small teams for a total of 40 figurines (80 points). Let's take a look at  them in more details.

Here is a close-up on 2 SMG stands. Nothing fancy, just that there are lots of little guys carrying submachine guns.

Next are 8 new command teams and two of them include a flag bearer. I just love the kind of anachronism that only a political system like the Soviet Union could produce during a modern war like WW2. That and the dreaded Kommissars! It's interesting how colors completely changed when I took a picture at a different angle with my i-pad. Oh well.

Kommissars bring "political correctness" (ahem) to the Soviet Army, although I can understand that the unlucky soldiers stuck at the front between crack German units and deserter hungry Kommissars had a completely different view on the matter. These 4 teams of political "advisors" will help keep the morale of the troop at the required combative level.

Lastly, a group of three light mortars (probably 50mm) with an observer behind them. We assume that the observer is there for the heavier batteries that the battalion commander keeps in the back, not for the puny mortars..

Finishing these units means that my 15mm mid-war Soviet army project is now completed. I will now refer to the holy spreadsheet and rigorously proceed to the next listed item. Hmmm, let's see...

Congrats on completing your army Sylvain! It does seem that rather a lot of Russians are appearing this year, which is no bad thing! That'll be 176 points towards your target.



  1. More great looking soviets!
    Best Iain

  2. Nice to see a SMG company. An army I have considered doing but I am just not brave enough to field knowing that they will need a lot of cover due to the incredibly short range firing. I applaud you sir!

  3. I'm sure that there are no politically unreliable elements in these units - well done!

  4. Well done Sylvain. Complete army my a**, that's a mythical beast if there ever was one.

    1. What he said,.. my a@@@... it's only really sort of finished isn't it...

  5. Oh my... quantity has a quality all of its own... love it.. glad I do t have to fight it!

  6. Love that first image! Wonderful stuff Sylvain. The flags are a great touch.

  7. Well done Sylvain. As a fellow Strelkovy player I can attest to the effort required to paint these chaps!

  8. Great looking Russians, must be nice to have finished a project


  9. Great stuff! Love the PPSh.

  10. Grand work, Sylvain! High command is pleased with the very productive output of the people's army. It is good that you also placed loyal commissarat officers in the force. I'm certain they will help provide the proper pressure to keep production levels up. ;)

  11. You are certainly fulfilling the Five Year Plan of miniature Soviet production. All glory to the Workers and Painters Collective! Together we will bring glory to the Revolution.

  12. Fantastic stuff Sylvain! The fascist will tremble at the size of your hordes!