Monday, 6 February 2017

From TamsinP - SYW Russian Infantry, Artillery and Wagons (260 points)

Following on from the horse grenadiers which missed the (slightly earlier) deadline for last Monday, here are some more SYW Russian goodies for you with lots of pics!

For this entry, I'll kick off with four infantry regiments - there will be another four along before the end of this Challenge if I don't get distracted.

All four regiments:

Nevskiy Regiment:

Pskovskiy Regiment:

Riazanskiy Regiment:

Sankt-Peterburgskiy Regiment:

Close-Ups of Flags:

As always, the sculpted-on flags have been impressionistically hand painted.

And some artillery:

Up to now, I haven't added any of the integral fusiliers to the artillery bases, but I have this time (one way to use up spare figures!). The guns are left loose rather than glued to the bases, as it allows me to represent them as limbered, like so:


When the Observation Corps was disbanded in 1760, those troops who weren't integrated into the artillery were formed into fusilier regiments and allocated to escorting the artillery supply train. The uniforms I've painted them in here are taken from Kronoskaf and certainly make a refreshing change from the rest of the army.

To assist our resident mathemagical minion with his calculation of points:

72 infantry @ 2 points = 144
4 hand-painted flags @ 1 point = 4
6 gun crew @ 2 points = 12
2 artillery fusiliers* @ 2 points = 4
2 guns @ 4 points = 8
2 limbers @ 4 points = 8 (if scored as crew-served weapons)
20 horses @ 2 points = 40
8 (ex Observation Corps) fusiliers* @ 2 points = 16
4 wagons @ 6 points = 24 (if scored as vehicles)
Total = 252 points

* 2 of the artillery and 4 of the ex Observation Corps fusiliers were painted before the Challenge so don't count for points.

I'll let Miles do his sums, in case he decides to assign different points for the limbers and wagons.

Figures, as always are 15mm from Essex Miniatures. the tufts on the artillery and wagon bases were home-made (I used some of the ones from my practice/test batches) - I may end up replacing a couple on the gun bases as they are slightly too big for the guns to sit properly.

MilesR: I'll go with the very well laid out maths for Tamsin, but I get 260 points - I'm going a little batty with all the points bombs going off this Monday.  I can say these figures are just superbly painted.  I am very impressed


  1. Wow! What a stonking entry. These are just terrific, Tamsin. I really like those artillery carriages, limbers and wagons.

  2. Cracking stuff ... and climbing the points table alright today

  3. This project is really amazing, can't wait to see them all together

  4. Really lovely work Tamsin! A great project!


  5. Excellent stock of Russians Tamsin. Well done!

  6. Most impressive! While the period isn't really my cup of tea, your interpretation never fails to amaze me.

  7. Excellent, you take a commanding lead in our side challenge, and well deserved with this kind of quality


  8. Monster, is that the sound of a white flag flapping in the wind. Great collection.

  9. Fabulous work as always Tamsin

  10. Really nice work Tamsin. I especially like all the artillery.

  11. Those red cannon are striking!

  12. wow - the faces on these little fellas are brilliantly picked out! I've always enjoyed baggage to dress the tabletop too.

  13. Fantastic mass of Russians, great infantry but the artillery and baggage train are brill!
    Best Iain

  14. @ Curt - thanks Snowlord! :)

    @ Dave D - cheers! Up into 6th place :)

    @ Martin C - thanks! Maybe at the end of the Challenge :)

    @ Christopher - cheers! :)

    @ Peter D - thanks! :)

    @ Moiterei - cheers! Glad you like them :)

    @ Ian W - thanks! I'm sure you can catch up though and I'm a long way behind on the 6mm duel :)

    @ Ken R - cheers! Don't surrender just yet :)

    @ Nick J - thanks! :)

    @ Rod F - cheers! :)

    @ Barks - thanks! :)

    @ JamieM - cheers! The baggage could be good for scenarios too :)

    @ Iain - thanks! :)

    1. and @ Miles - cheers! And thanks for spotting my omission of 8 points. And that my good folks is why we need a Mathemgician for the Monday Mob :)

  15. WOW! Amazing! All that Red and Green (complimentary opposites) must have your eye balls in need of a rest after painting that mob. Excellent work. cheers

    1. @ Brendon - Thanks! It's not so much the colours as the repetitiveness of painting the same pose in the same colours so many times that necessitates a break! :)

  16. Very nice work, Tamsin, I don't know how you manage it. I have seen 28mm SYW figures that don't look nearly so good.