Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Votes are in for 'West'

 Hello All,

As the title says, we have the results for our 'West' theme. It was another great round with a host of wonderful interpretations of the theme: 'West'. Many stuck to the compass' meaning while a few used its possibility as a surname as an inspiration.  If you've not managed to take a look at the entries yet, I really suggest you head over and enjoy the gallery.

The runners-up are:

MartinN's 'Western Roman Cataphractarii'

PhilH's Cdr Hector West, Naval Officer (ret), Adventurer (and the lovely Camila)

Curt's 'Herbert West - Reanimator'

ChristopherS' 'Abraham Lincoln Brigade'

For our podium finishers, we have:

3rd Place: SanderS' '80s Pulp Revealed Part I'

Sanders' entertaining trip down memory lane will also give him 25 Bonus Points. Great work Sander!

2nd Place: ByronM's 'Chinese Rail Workers'

Byron's terrific Malifaux Chinese Rail Crew will give him 50 bonus points. Lovely work Byron.

and in 1st: DaveD's 'Viva Zapata!'

This fabulous 'Bad Hombre' will give Dave 75 Bonus Points PLUS a set of Western-themed buildings from Byron's SG2 Creations. Wonderful work Dave, and congratulations!!

A big thank you to all the participants for their great work this round!

...and a snapshot of the theme's stats

Next week is our final theme for this year's edition of the Painting Challenge. It's theme is: 'Character(s) and/or Scene from a Movie, TV Program, Book or Piece of Music'.

I'm looking forward to seeing many interesting and creative visions in our last theme round.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Some great entries chaps! Well done to Dave and the other winners!

  2. Congrats to all, but a special "Viva!" to Dave :)

  3. Congrats to everyone and a well deserved first place Dave!

  4. Congratulations to all the winners and runners up!

    Special congrats to Dave (and let's not pretend we didn't see that coming - your work in 54mm is simply amazing)!

  5. There were some superb entires for this round and jolly all done to all the winners.

  6. Oh wow...thanks for the votes people. There were a lot of fine entries so to top the pile is wonderful.

  7. Congrats Dave, beautiful 54mm figure there, and thank you to everyone for all the votes for my Malifaux Crew.

  8. Congrats to the winners and entrants!

  9. Congrats to winners and participants. cheers all.

  10. It was a glorious round! Lots of very fine entries, a stunning parade of eyecandy! ;)

  11. Top effort everyone, great entries all round

  12. Great stuff everyone and a very worthy winner in Dave!

  13. Dave is a truly deserved winner, such a great miniature and brilliant paintjob so yeah congarats Dave! Oh and I made it to the top 3, I never win anything! Thanks everyone!