Wednesday, 1 March 2017

KyleC - Test of Honour - 85 pts

All quiet on the western front these days.. so we will switch to the eastern front instead!

Been incredibly busy with work, and a soon to be house move ( didn't I do one of those this time last year? )... but I have had a chance to get in some painting of some gaming models.

With Warlords promoting their new game Test of Honour, the local scene is quite enthused with it, and looking forward to it arriving. Though the game is not out, I realized that I had some Samurai models kicking around. Actually they were built and ready for LAST YEARS competition for being painted up and never got touched :(

But with this game coming, it was a good time to dig out these models then and give them a go at painting!

The models are ones from Northstar and consist of 2 different bands that they provide for their Ronin game. But I think overall they mix well enough, and since the ToH game treats anything not a samurai as a commoner.. it should be ok.

Though I do have too many Samurai at the moment, I think it will be ok. Or at least give me some flavour to seeing how I wish to play them.

At present when I was doing the first batches of them, I got the first 12 models completed. Giving me a Damiyo, 2 Samurai retainers, 4 with Muskets, 4 with bows, and a Ronin with a Kanebo... I still have 5 more with spears/polearms that got finished up afterwards.

Color scheme is not so historical, but was fun to paint up. And I just felt like painting red! :) The blue being an accent color for it.

The clan I have named after my high school teacher, Mr Yamamura, who unfortunately passed last year. So all the banners have Yama, or Mountain, as its symbol to honour him.

Much fun was had with painting them up, and just now hoping to see how they will do when the game gets released. But it does give me a reason to pull out all the Japanese buildings that I bought for my IJA forces in Bolt Action last year as well.

17 models of 28mm scale in total. And when the game gets released, I will have many more to add to it to make a much greater variety for me to play with! But what I do have at the moment is enough to start almost immediately for many of the scenarios that are already known!

ByronM: An excellent looking force here Kyle and one I am sure that your old teacher would have appreciated you naming after him.  The colours are spot on with lots of great shading and transitions.  I really like the muted tones on some and the brighter tones on others.  It all looks great.   I had not heard about this new game, but since I already have a pile of Northstar and Perry Samurai figures, I may need to check it out.


  1. Nice looking samurai.
    Best Iain

  2. Love the mix of colours. Nicely done.

  3. Awesome! I really like the bright blue accents, especially the facemasks. I want to pick up this game as well.

  4. Very nicely done, the sharp highlights really work on these figures.

  5. They look excellent in red, Kyle! I like the red lacquer look you gave the armor and the contrast with the red clothing. The blue is a beautiful accent for them, they pop nicely!

  6. Great job Kyle. I find painting Samurai to be very intimidating, so congrats!

  7. Very nice work on these very intricate figures. I like the colour palette.

  8. Love the blue masks, looks excellent.

  9. Nicely done! That red and blue combo looks ace.

  10. Also painted these figs in fact have a couple of the Monk shooters with arquebus that will hopefully be on the site next week - not sure will match up with yours though.

    Loved looking at the photos of these. Jez

  11. Fantastic Samurai Kyle! His seems popular at the moment