Wednesday, 1 March 2017

It's Wednesday again! Minion here, reporting in...

Good Morning everyone and welcome to another Wednesday and the first of March!  Wow, that snuck up on us, didn't it.  That means only 19 painting days left until the end of the challenge, so everyone should get their brushes into high gear for the dash to the finish line.

This week we have a bunch of painted goodness coming your way, including:
- A Griffon
- Chaos Warriors
- Samurais
- Monks
- Congo Warriors

Try as I might though I could not find any Halflings up for posting, they are really short and tricksy though so they might be around here somewhere, I will keep looking.

Oh and for all those in the IT field, don't forget officially....

And as all of us in the IT field know, that covers a lot of people! :-)  So go have some fun today!

1 comment:

  1. "Day not found. Try turning it off and on again" or "RYFMYC"

    Another Wednesday but no halflings? Noooo halflings? Quick someone - get round to Iannick's and make him paint some! :)