Monday, 25 December 2017

From AlexS: "Animal planet" and some ghouls (245 Points)

Hello everybody! My name is Alex and I'm an paint-holic. Before beginning to paint 100500 zuluses soldiers of the Napoleonic era, I decided to finish the project, which was prepared for a year. For a whole year I carefully steal took away animal figurines from my children. So I painted them.

In my opinion, these figures will decorate the table during the games. They can stand among the trees in the forest or stand in the river or other kinds of terrain. It seems to me that this will make the gaming table more interesting. But they can be full participants in the battles. Someone wants to fight the crocodiles?

The following my figures are ghouls for the clan of "bronze fangs". I experimented with the airbrush and tried to make them both different and simultaneously in the same color scheme. It seems to me, at me it turned out.

In addition, I decided to do for this clan "big brother" - a bronze golem. I think it will be interesting for the game and for the general appearance of the clan.

Well, the general view of my work:

I think that now I can take a break in the experiments and start painting as usual - quickly and a lot.

15 animal  - 75 pts
33 ghouls - 165 pts
1 golem - 5 pts
total 245 pts


Great work Alex! Your 'Bronze Fang' clan grows by leaps and bounds. It's very good of your children to volunteer their toys to you to 'improve' (I quite like the hippo) - at least they get to play with them after your finished your experiments! 

245 points for you, well done!


  1. LOL! I "borrow" stuff from my kids too (or did, now they are all grown). I really like the way you've based the animals on irregular shapes. Cool.

  2. Points bomb incoming!
    Nice work on all these Alex! Like our Snowlord I especially like the Hippo, but the Gorilla is equally nice.

  3. You don't do things by halves, Alex - that's a points barrage!

    Lovely work on the 'borrowed' animals, and that ghoul clan is getting bigger by the minute...

  4. Good load of minis Alex. Stealing minis from your kiddies, how heartless!

  5. Alex the assortment in your submissions never fails to entertain! Great stuff.

  6. 245 points! That is what I'd call productivity... and to a high quality of painting... impressive

  7. Thank you all for the comments. I'm glad that I liked the work. children are also happy, but so far only see how I put these miniatures on the table.

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only person to look at my kids toys and work out what I'd use them for gaming-wise! Very nice work on these, the animals are excellent and will dress the table wonderfully.

  9. I do like the Bronze Fang clan!

  10. I love the jungle menagerie!

  11. You could certainly use some Zulu warriors and intrepid explorers for the jungle the bronze claws have tainted!
    Nice work, Alex!

  12. Great collection of well painted miniatures Alex!

  13. Nice work all around! I like the idea with the animals.

  14. Nasty ghouls and animals, nice work!
    Best Iain

  15. "Someone wants to fight the crocodiles?"
    Paging Mr Mick Dundee, paging Mr Mick Dundee...

    Great work Alex on all of these :)