Wednesday, 27 December 2017

From AlexS: El sueño de la razón produce monstruos (100 Points)

Hello everybody! My name is Alex and I'm from Ekaterinburg. Curt in his first message of this event began a very interesting topic - the theme of the fact that monsters are the embodiment of our fears.

I was interested in this topic. So I decided to work with modern myths and fears. For example, that ordinary things in the house can be monsters that simply pretend to be ordinary things. But then I went further and imagined a European who walks through the jungle and dreams of a normal toilet.

And suddenly he meets him on his way! But then nothing is known about this European ...

The model is completely the result of the work of my hands. Mentally, I called it a "bio-toilet" and will use it in games to display a dangerous terrain.

In addition, I started one important project for me. This project is devoted to strange and mysterious events that took place in the vicinity of Ekaterinurg in the summer of 1918.

This project will be performed in the framework of the popular in Russia "novel with miniatures", when the events that occur on the gaming table are described in a literary work.

And here are the actors of the first chapter of my "novel with miniatures":

A retired officer who lives in the countryside and who loves hunting

Detachment of Chekists:

Detachment of the White Army


It is especially pleasant that all models (except for two dogs) are the result of the production of local, Russian producers: Siberia-miniatures STP-miniatures and Leon. Firstly, it is patriotic, and secondly, they are very qualitative from the historical point of view, because local producers know the historical material better and had the opportunity to see the uniforms of that time in museums.


Wow, how wonderfully imaginative, Alex!

That 'Biotoilet' is both a work of creative genius and quite terrifying. As one who likes to have access to modern 'facilities' while travelling, I can completely sympathize with your tragic European traveller. What a nightmare!

I'm very much looking forward to the unfolding events of your 'Great Russian Novel'! I really enjoy collecting dog miniatures so I'm definitely going to be checking out this list of suppliers (and to see if I can get some of these RCW models as well). I really like the vibrant colours of all these models, especially the White Russian infantry. Lovely stuff.

The dogs look to be all giant breeds so I'm going to score them as regular 28mm foot figures. 100 points for your fine work, Alex! Keep it coming! 


  1. Lovely work Love the old officer and his dogs. I also love that you are using and promoting less well know local companies!

  2. Great figures, I suggest you need counselling over the toilet

  3. Nice work on the toilet and excellent painting of the figures Alex :)

  4. Nice work on them all, Alex. I especially like the Russian troops from local manufacturing. They look very sharp!

  5. Now that’s really imaginative. This toilet would actually scare the sh*t out of me ;-)

  6. Your "bio-toilet" is utterly brilliant Alex! Love the hounds too.

  7. Wonderful work love your creativity and I also love the hounds really nice work

  8. Well done supporting your local figure industry - some very nice sculpts there, superbly painted as usual. And the bio-toilet is a perfectly-evolved ambush predator!

  9. Many thanks for the comments. I'm glad that my work made you smile :)

  10. Toilet is great fun and the whites and other factions are great too.
    Best Iain

  11. Nice work all around! That bio toilet looks like something that haunts ones feverish dreams during a nasty bout of food poisoning! Love the hounds

  12. Brilliant stuff. That bio-toilet is inspired and I do like the story-telling behind the figures you mention - makes the game about more than just winning.