Thursday, 21 December 2017

From PeteF: North American Farmhouse (12 Points)

One of the projects I'm working on is Cowpens/Wetzel's Mill so the troops need some North American scenery to fight around. This is Sarissa's North American Farmhouse with Stone Chimney. It measures about 4"x4"x3". My maths is a little shakey but if you balanced it on one corner it could fill a 6" cube (20 points!). Alternatively it's worth 7 points based on volume and rounding up.

I had trouble getting the effect I wanted with the roof - and might need to ink or wash all the edges of the shingles to make them stand out a bit more. The north side got some light moss.

There could be a monster in here - maybe a Blair Witch. Or a redcoat.


'The Blair Witch Redcoat House'. I like it. 

Great job on your debut entry, Pete! The raw look of the shingles and clapboard siding really gives the house that American Frontier look. I also like the stone effect of the chimney. 4x4x3? Really? It looks larger than that. Let's be generous and go with 12 points then.

Welcome to the Challenge, Pete! 


  1. Great start to the challenge Pete! This scenario addition to the points system was a really great inclusion. Nice to see all the stuff that people are building.

  2. Lovely work Pete, nice to see some terrain.
    Best Iain

  3. Very nice work. This sort of house could apear anywere in rual america durring the period. I like what you did, I think the roof will be fine if you can make it a little less shiny (or that coudl be the flash on you camera its hard to tell)

  4. I like this house a lot Pete! Great weathering.

  5. Nice work Pete. Great weathering.

  6. Looking good Pete! As you said, some wash around the edges of the shingles and it‘d look even better.

  7. Always like a good bit of terrain, nicely done!

  8. Wonderful little shack, Pete! I like the addition of the moss on the roof!