Thursday, 21 December 2017

From TeemuL: SCW from the Last Challenge (15 Points)

These three warriors were primed for the 7th Challenge, but they just didn't made the deadline and were untouched for the whole year. So it was about the time to give them some painting.

They are Spanish Civil War Republican Militia members from the Empress Miniatures. They all have blue overalls and mixed clothing. I kept the palette simple, just painting different areas on different miniatures with different colors. Or different areas with the same colors. Or same colors on different areas. Well, you'll get the point.

My favorite of these three is the one with bare head. Somehow he brings to my mind some young chap from the old western movies - guy with the rifle trying to proof he is a man, when his father, bigger brothers and all the girls from the village are watching.

The guy on the knee has glasses, I was quite scared how they would turn out, but they look nice. I added some Middenheim tuft on the bases to give something green to the dry Spanish ground.

In the future I'm trying to paint and post some Odds and Ends like last year, but as I am also a gamer, different needs might arise. So keep your eyes open for some Astra Militarum for Warhammer 40000 and mixed Chaos for Age of Sigmar. You'll probably get some Oldhammer as well, some Odds from here and there and most likely at least one post a week. I'm trying to participate all the Bonus Rounds as well and kick some butts on my first ever side duel!

3 25mm models and 15 points!


Welcome back to the Challenge Teemu!

This is a great looking trio of Republicans, wearing their iconic blue workers' trousers and red bandannas. I also like the sparce, arid groundwork for the bases - evocative of the Spanish countryside. Empress has done such a great job on this range and you've really done them proud here, Teemu. Well done!


  1. Nice sculpts and a good finish, I only hope I get round to some of the ones I primed last year. ...
    Best Iain

  2. Nice start! Hope we‘ll see some more SCW throughout the challenge?!

  3. I'm glad that I'm not the only one with stragglers from last year! Nice work on these figures.

  4. nice start good to get some points on the board mate

  5. These look really good, I like the choice of colours.

  6. They look very smart, Teemu! An nice bunch to add to those from last season!
    My mountain-of-neglect has stuff in it that was primed for my first challenge! I might actually get them done someday.... ;)

  7. Welcome back Teemu! Good to see some fellow Finns get in on the action as well ;)

  8. Great work. I also have a few primed items in my box for this year that missed the workbench last year.

  9. The tradiotn of excellent SCW figures in the challenge continues great work.

  10. Thank you all! I really liked painting these guys, and there are still couple of more to go.

    Pro tip to all participating readers, it is much faster to paint these than for example "same 25/28mm size" GW heroic products. ;)

  11. Well done Teemu, and I agree the specs on the one fellow turned out very well. Excellent stuff.

  12. Cool stuff Teemu. Good to see you in action again!

  13. Nice start and good to see more SCW again this year


  14. Great looking entry figures Teemu! But I am looking forward to some more 40k oriented entries from you... :-)

    1. Yeah, they are coming. After I manage to beat this flu...