Saturday, 27 January 2018

From ByronM: 30k Mechanicum Archmagos Prime and Greek Unarmoured Phalanx (102 points)

This week my hobby induced ADD took me in way to many directions, so I have about 6 different things all started but not finished, heck I haven't even started next weeks theme entry or figured out what to do for it!  So, I only have 2 smallish entries to put up today.

First up is the Archmagos Prime on Abeyant for my 30k Mechanicum army, which now makes it an actual legal force to play with an HQ.

The model itself is pretty cool as an Archmagos Prime is one of the highest members of the cult of the Omnimessiah and has given their body over to the machine.  There is very little left that is even remotely human on this model.

Then there is the Abeyant, his transport and control unit.  The model for it looks like either a pulpit for him to preach the ways of the machine God from or some kind of cyber organ or synthesizer, at least to me.  The transport is made to hold his custom base so that you can have him on or off the transport.

Now that it is a valid force, I have also provided an overall picture of the army so far.  This is in-fact all that I bought initially to do for the force, but I have of course fallen in love with them, and more are on the way....

The other models I actually got completed this week are another 16 Greeks.  This time more unarmoured Greek hoplites that I did as a support unit of mercenaries or militia for either side that I am working on.
These are once again more of the Warlord (Immortal) figures as I continue to move work through them before going on to others in any meaningful way.  I still have at least 4 more units of them, but hope to get at least 2-3 done next week so that I am closer to being able to paint the Victrix ones that I have up next.
Nothing fancy with these guys, as I did them all in robes, so very little armour to paint up.  While simple individually, I think they work as a group so am calling them done.
That's it for this week, hope everyone has a good week.


Wow Bryon, you are really producing some amazing work for this year's challenge.  I am going to count the Archmagos as a vehicle, but with a crew and an additional couple of points for the increased scale of the piece, so 102 points in total, another fabulous week's work Sir. 


  1. Nice work allround! That Archmagos does look suitably commanding on his floating pulpit... although he might be riding a grim-SciFi version of a street cleaning vehicle with all those pipes.

  2. A great week Byron , good work

  3. Tremendous work Byron. I love how you've progressed on these two projects, week by week, from strength to strength.

    I've never been a big fan of this Archmagos' model. It always struck me as somewhat ridiculous, looking either like a nightmarish version of a dystopian Zamboni or a DJ presiding over a emo dance rave, scratching madly at his turntables. Anyway, my bizarre preconceptions aside, I think you've painted the models excellently. I especially like how you've used the electric blue energy bloom in all of the models. Very cool.

    1. Thanks Curt. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the transport either... I don't really get why the Archmagos even goes onto the field of battle, why not remote control the robots? Besides that, why put yourself up on a podium to be seen easier? However.... I need HQ choices for the army and the choices are limited :-(

    2. "DJ Archmagos and MC Omnissiah for one nite only at the Mars Technodrome!"

    3. You would think the Mehcanicum WOULD be building Zambonis somewhere...

  4. This is an excellent piece of work - I wouldn't worry about the actual design of the model, it's a perfect vehicle for your painting skills! I think it safe to say that the first thought that crosses the viewer's mind isn't "That's an odd sculpt." The paintwork is the thing here, and it's every bit as splendid as your other submissions this Challenge.

    Well done, sir!

  5. That Armagos looks amazing indeed.

  6. Lovely looking Byron. Your red is very well done.

  7. Fantastic arch magos and lovely Greeks!
    Best Iain

  8. Excellent work. The techno dude has so much detail sculpted and you did it all justice. Really great looking Greeks. You have been on a very productive run. cheers

  9. Cool stuff Byron, and I can't wait to see that bonkers Archmagos all loaded up on the table, daring every single heavy weapon on the table to pick him off...

  10. Now that sure looks awesome, great stuff indeed!

  11. Very nice work on the Arch Magos, Byron! The mechanicum force looks outright gorgeous grouped together too. I am seriously thinking of adding a contingent to my Cadians to maintain the tanks. The Stimpy robots have me rethinking the form of bodyguards. ;)
    The Greeks are outstanding as well. I am looking forward to seeing the force assembled.