Monday, 1 January 2018

From ChristopherS: 28mm French Irregulars (30pts)

My first entry into the AHPC is in the form of French Irregulars for my French and Indian War project I started about 4 years ago, but somehow got side tracked by other projects along the way. Gee I wonder how that happens with me....(sarc) I plan on using them for both Muskets and Tomahawks and Sharp Practice.

They will be used as either French Militia or more likely Coueurs des bois depending on the scenario. Most my French militia (yet to be painted) are in summer gear and these are more in fall clothing so will look different helping to distinguish them from the others.

I painted them using mostly Foundry colors and some Vallejo mixed in plus Mig Pigments.

The figures are from Galloping Major and are very painter friendly with nice raised detail making painting them quite pleasurable. Like Redoubt,  the figures pack some character and weigh in on the chunky side, but I prefer that to the slimier sculpts of some other manufactures. The sculpting really does give a certain mood to the figures that I like if that makes sense.

I believe 5 28mm figures is worth 30pts. and for sure not a points bomb, but at least a start.Who am I kidding I don't think I'm even capable of a points bomb anyhow! :-)

Thank you for viewing!


Happy New Year, Christopher!  

These are really lovely figures.  They are just going to be perfect on the table, and will fit in with all kinds of actions in the Seven Years' War, and no doubt many other conflicts in the eighteenth century.  I love the natural tones and shades you have used - just perfect for stalking quietly through the endless forests along the St. Lawrence.

The figure basing is terrific.  I've always loved your basing style, and your wonderful figures single-handedly (from past Challenges) made me want to do better on my bases, and add in tufts and flowering grasses.  And I can see you've done the business here again.

So, 30 well-earned and well-accumulated points for your French Irregulars!  Magnifique, mon ami!!!


  1. Cest magnificent vraiment! Well done on these petit garçons.

  2. Great as always my friend! As ever your attention to detail, like the small bands on their legs, is quite stunning and I‘m eagerly looking forward to see these up close and to having a game or two with them.

  3. Stunning brushwork, Christopher! I really like how you did their buckskins and bead belts. Wonderful!

  4. Very nice unit. French Indian Wars is quite an attractive period that I’d love to do.... someday

  5. Great painting Christopher :)

  6. Very nice indeed! The basing is wonderful too!

  7. Some very nice irregulars there, beautifully painted!

  8. What vibrant colours! Those faces are brilliant too, full of expression.

  9. Very, very nice indeed! Just the targets my FIW Recoats from AHPC VII would love to pin down and charge! Lovely job mate

  10. Fantastic brushwork, and another really cool historical period for gaming that I have wanted to try myself for some years now.

    I can totally relate to projects started years ago which were side-tracked...I have a few of those coming up soon in this edition of the Painting Challenge :)

  11. Gorgeous work- I like how you've tied them all together with a bit of blue.

  12. Cracking work and a great start to your challenge journey for this year!

  13. I quite like these, Christopher! They look the part very well and I like the attention to detail you paid them.
    Conquest miniatures has some very fine Native warriors that do have the facial characteristics associated to the tribes they are associated with. No beer sculpts to represent my cousins and ancestors should your milita need some Native allies! ;)

    1. *better* off in the bitter North for military training....guess we know where my mind is besides a nice warm fire! ;)