Monday, 1 January 2018

From ValeryN - The result of the pre-New Year's work: Soviet Artillery Batteries and Prime Movers (196 pts)

Hello everybody! 

The New Year has not yet come, Christmas in Russia is celebrated on January 6-7, so the whole last week I worked actively with a brush.

Today I want to present to your attention a few units for my Soviet army for the Flames of War.

The first unit is the artillery battery of divisional howitzer M-30:


The second division of heavy guns is the famous ML-20. They formed the basis of the reserve artillery of the Red Army Supreme Command. 

The battery includes 4 howitzers, headquarters and an observer:

During the Second World War, a serious problem for the Soviet army was the shortage of caterpillar tractors for towing heavy artillery. In the first period of the war on the Eastern Front, a lot of heavy artillery was thrown on the roadside because there was not enough equipment to transport them. But my guns will not suffer such a fate, because I now have them:

This caterpillar tractor was produced in the USSR, at the Stalingrad Tractor Plant in 1937-1942 on the basis of the tractor SKTZ-NATI («Stalinets»). A total of 10,000 such tractors were produced. The soldiers he received an informal nickname «Golovastik» (tadpole).

And this "Komsomolets" is another tractor, though for lighter artillery, which was also produced in the USSR before the Second World War.

And finally, the reinforcement for my Soviet army in the early period of the war - famous T-34 models of 1941:

That's all that was painted over the past week:

In total, 12 vehicles, 8 cannons and 46 soldiers - 196 points.

I wish everyone a happy New Year, new projects, new games and lots of fun from our hobby!



Happy New Year, Valery!!  What a fantastic haul of Soviet ear-popping and ground-thundering artillery!!  Truly awesome in quantity, quality and sheer bombardment noise.  And all in one week - really a terrific contribution to the Challenge, Sir!  

I always feel that with a Russian or Soviet army you just need to have a lot of artillery - and your opponents will almost expect it!  True, it might not always obliterate the target, but generally it makes a hugely impressive noise to impress the Comintern, Party apparachniks, or the Imperial Court in Moscow or St. Petersburg.  And that's at least part of the point, right?

I particularly like the artillery prime-movers, including the Tadpoles!  Lovely castings and finely presented.  And all contributing to a very considerable salvo of 196 points!!!  



  1. That's a stinking barrage of artillery equipment to be sure. Well done on these!

  2. Nicely done Valery! There’s no such thing like ‚enough‘ when it comes to arillery.

  3. Great work! I particularly like the tractors. It's good to see these unsung heroes of Stalin's war machine.

  4. Lovely work especially the tadpoles! This can spur me on with my soviets!
    Best Iain

  5. Very good work! You’ve been very productive indeed

  6. Lots of Soviet loveliness there Valery :)

  7. Ready to defend the motherland from the fascist beasts!

    This force is beautifully painted and based, well done, Valery!

  8. Great point on the tractors, we all love painting the cool tanks, but the unsung heroes of logistics are just as important. Lovely work on these, they’ll look very imposing on the tabletop.

  9. That’s a heck of a lot of big guns there Valery. Very good week’s work. Enjoy the festivities.

  10. Well done Valery - always cool to see the key parts of Soviet might - the tanks and big guns - well represented in the Challenge!

  11. Very nice! I love massed Red artillery!

  12. Thanks to all who wrote above, for the positive comments

  13. A very impressive host, Valery!
    I haven't begun a 15mm force for WW2, but my son is a huge fan of the Soviet forces. I know he'll appreciate the T-34s as much as the artillery! Nice weathering and muddy groundwork on these too. I like the addition of the artillery tractors. They should be required pieces for all the big guns! ;)