Monday, 29 January 2018

From ChristopherS : FIW Pennsylvania Provincials (45pts.)

Provincial troops are best described as a troop class that is somewhere between regular troops and militia. Unlike regular soldiers who served for x number of years or militia who were raised only for local needs in times of emergency provincial troops were formed from a province and recruited for a period of time to complete a specific military campaign or duty like transportation, manning forts etc. that could be local and further abroad.

In the French and Indian war a colonial governor would raise the provincial formation under a field officer often of high political standing with experience in commanding militia and junior officers with good standings in their local community. Were militia tended to be every man doing his duty for home that was often filled with men of some import the soldiers of provincial formations on the other hand were of less import to society shall we say and recruiting would either be voluntary through offering money to men without property and uncertain futures to a draft if needed that typically targeted persons they wanted to get off the streets so to speak. You could also pay others to take your place in the draft if you had the means.

Pennsylvania Provincials served on the frontiers manning forts and guarding against raids from Indians and French. A notable task they did take part of was the expedition against the strategically important French held Fort Duquesne that resulted in the French retreating and burning the fort down on their way out.

I decided to do some Pennsylvania Provincials because of the simple reason I like the green and red colors of their uniform. I doubt they looked this well turned out, but we as painters tend to paint things in their best light. Using the most excellent Kronoskaf as a guide I opted for a dark green on these because later I will be doing some rangers who will be wearing green as well albeit a lighter shade to help distinguish the two from each other. What he have here is a corporal and 8 soldiers wearing full equipment for my first group which will total three units in the end plus a command to be used for Sharp Practice or Muskets and Tomahawks.

I really enjoyed painting these figures from Galloping Major as they are large figures with very well raised detail and are what I like to call painter friendly making me look forward to the next batch. That said even thou they are painter friendly they still are time consuming figures to paint simply due to all the hats, buckles, straps, clothing layer etc. however when finished I do really like the look they give making the work pay off. I suppose that is the reward for painting lace war and Nap figures in the end and is what keeps us coming back.

The colors I used were once again Foundry with some Vallejo and my ever trusty Mig pigments for some good dusting on the stones. 

So nine figures should give me 45 points. Thanks for viewing! (Miniature Company- Galloping Major)


These look wonderful, Christopher!  Everything about these lovely figures, and the way you have painted them, just looks 'right' - from the fine colour choice (green and red make such a nice combination), to the careful shading, to your trademark (wonderful) basing and to the lace work on the uniforms.  Well done indeed!

I love fielding militias on the table, mainly because there is always that element of uncertainty about how they will perform.  Of course, they might be utterly useless, unnerved by the fighting and seeking an early exit from the field as soon as practicable.  But, then again, they may be unlikely heroes and heroines, about to write their own place in the history books with a moment of military glory.  So, fielding a unit like this gets two thumbs-up from me, Sir!

Congratulations on a well deserved 45 points to add to your total!


  1. Lovely unit and very lovely paint work Christopher

  2. Great colour scheme, Christopher, they almost look Russian with those green coats.
    ; )
    An excellently turned-out unit!

  3. Nice painting Christopher :)

  4. Lovely work Christopher - I like the mix of regulation jacket with irregular leggings. Great to see Lace Wars entries.

  5. Very well done Christopher - I also greatly enjoy "painter friendly" castings, and I know what you mean when you look forward to them! I find "Front Rank" castings have the same effect for me.

  6. Nice and clean painting on these, well done!

  7. Great bit of history and even better figures! Lovely work Christopher, that green and red uniform is very sharp indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  8. Lovely looking lace wars types, nice mix of formal and informal!
    Best Iain

  9. Great work! Not much from me on if they are historical or not, just that they are really nicely painted up!

  10. Absolutely awesome painting Chris! I‘m really, really looking forward to see them up close next time.

  11. Grand work, Christopher! I like your choice in military unit to paint as that uniform does look very smart. I also appreciate greatly seeing FIW troops in the challenge and these are beautiful representatives!