Tuesday, 2 January 2018

From Kent G - 40k Librarian, 28mm Napoleon and Mameluke plus (25 points)

 In this submission i decided to paint an old metal 40K Librarian figure that i will be giving away on youtube after the challenge is over it was a lot of fun to paint. It's not an area of painting i have had a lot to do with but one thing i do enjoy is the quality of the metal casting so much detail.

then to finished off the commanders, i had to do Napoleon and his Mameluke buddy,
where would the boys be without them, these figures allow me to pop my head above the waves of French infantry that are marching across my desk.

Wow Kent, these figures are truly gorgeous! Whilst the Librarian and Napoleon are top notch (and I do like the idea of the Give-Away) Roustam must be my favourite! You have nailed the colours of the uniform just right and all the bouillon detailing is very well done. Now I am also very excited to hear about those "waves of French infantry marching across your desk". Marchand mon ami! 

2 mounted 28mm figures are good for 20 points and the 28mm Librarian nets you another 5 points so that leaves you with 25 points in the pocket.

Au revoir, Sander


  1. Lovely Napoleon! The librarian is fun as well.

  2. Excellent work on the Mameluke and the others as well.

  3. Nice and varried work Kent. I'll remember to get my books back by the due date! I'm with Sander, Roustam is my fave!

  4. Vive l’Empereur! Your very nice work is pushing me to find my Napoleon model in my lead pile and to paint it

  5. Cracking job on all of them

  6. Lovely mix of figures, great finish!
    Best Iain

  7. Excellent work Kent. Librarians are lame, these guys should be called Archivists. :)

    Love the Roustam figure.

  8. Love the librarian, classic figure with the usual over the top amount of details and things dripping from him! Even more apparent when compared to the other two figures you've some that are simply stylish.

  9. Wonderful brushwork, Kent!
    The horses are exceedingly well done, Napoleon looks ready to advance!