Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The Tuesday Minion's First Tuesday - GET THOSE BRUSHES CRACKING LADS!


After yesterday's cracking start of 2018, the Tuesday Crew will show you that one needs to meticulously plan ones entries. While we do not have a huge amount of entries today, boy are they worth it!

I'm Sander van Straeten and I will be doing my utmost best to bring you Tuesday Crew's best.
A more taciturn and committed bunch we have not seen in this Challenge yet! Recovering from all New Year's festivities they are all gearing up to get those brushes cracking and turn out some jewels in any scale I am sure!

So what are we in for today? Great Britain struggles on in their Civil Brotherly Conflict as well as asking themselves what mister Hitler is thinking this time in a sort of an Operation Sealion theme. There's also a bit of Spanish flavour to look forward to!
Good old Boney is visiting the Library to study the Tomes of Robuite Guilliman under some extremely well painted guidance.
More eye candy will surely follow, so watch this space!