Sunday, 25 February 2018

From ByronM: Thebian Greeks and 30k Mechanicum (107 points)

This week I once again worked on more ancient Greek figures.  This time they are from Victrix and are the Thebian phalanx models.  I honestly can't tell much difference from the Athenians other than the helmets, but that's ok I still like the models.

I did these in another very simplified paint scheme with mainly white armour with green trim and undershirt.  I then applied some Little Big Men shield decals and called them done.  Super simple and basic, but once again, once ranked up they look at least 2-3x better than individually.  I always tried painting ranked guys to a higher standard before, but Curt explained years ago "It's all about the ranked look, no one looks at a single mode", so I have been cheating on ranked guys ever since.

I based them on 40mm x 60mm bases and used a bunch of tufts from Tajima as with all the other Greeks that I have done.  Almost time to order more!  I've gone through several boxes already this challenge.

Next up is a small addition to my 30k Mechanicum force, a Magos Auxilia and a squad of Servo-Automata.  This gentlemen is mainly machine as his body has slowly been replaced with parts more worthy of someone who worships the machine god.  He is an elite choice that helps upkeep the machines in battle by repairing wounds on them each turn.

His Servo-Automata help by adding extra wounds back if they are close enough.  These should help keep some of the big stompy robots in the list active for a bit longer.  After all being able to return d3+1 wounds a turn to a 12 wound toughness 8 robot is not insignificant!

Most of the rest of the week was spent working on my next theme week entry as it is rather large and I needed some serious time to work on it!  See you next week with more cool toys.


My apologies Byron, I nearly missed these!  The Greeks are looking really impressive with their shield decals, but I am mesmerised with the 30K stuff again.  The colouring is just superb and I imagine that these are incredibly fiddly to put together.  I am adding a couple of bonus points for the complexity of the models and therefore the intricacy of painting required, making this another 107 points to the tally.


  1. Excellent additions to your growing Greek forces and nice bots :)

  2. I love the Thebans, and yes - ranked up, they look excellent. Really attractive paint scheme as well! The Mechanicum look splendid - all clicking and whirring in dusty Martian red. Splendid work!

  3. Great work Byron! That Mechanicum stuff is soooo sinister, will be great to get them on to a table!

    Those Tajima tufts do blow out quickly, don't they? I was so sure I was "really, really stocked up for a while" and already I am running low on some important ones...

  4. More great looking Greeks! The robots and robot master are splendid a lovely shade of red!
    Best Iain

  5. Loving the Greeks , I really need to get back to painting the 6 boxes I have you've done a really nice job on these

  6. Thebans and Robots and Cyborgs, oh my!
    ; )
    I've enjoyed watching you bringing these projects to fruition, Byron, well done!

  7. Great stuff. Nice work all round. cheers

  8. While your Mechanicum figures are still awesome, those Thebans really rock da trireme!

  9. Those greeks look great Byron. I have no idea what to make of the 40K stuff, but love the colour combos.