Monday, 26 February 2018

Good Monday Morning, Challengers!! 23 days still to go....!


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and hopefully you had some time with your brushes and paints. I certainly did myself, finishing off a few things and getting ready for the last themed round for Challenge VIII, which should be MONSTROUS!!

And, as my calendar clocks around, I can see that there are still (or, glass-half-empty, ONLY) 23 days to go in Challenge VIII !

So for, many of us Challengers, that's 23 days to finish off the unfinished projects we have planned for Challenge VIII - and for Kent to complete about another five-hundred Napoleonic French line infantry....

But before we run off screaming at the thought of what we have left to paint, allow me, as your Monday Minion, to guide you through some fantastic and brilliant entries from the MONDAY CHALLENGERS.  These fantastic brush-pilots have brightened up our Mondays for the past few weeks, and today will be no exception, I promise.

So, draw nearer to your screens, Dear Challengers and Guests, and enjoy the Tenth Monday, of Challenge VIII...


  1. I'm still here, just that nothing new is finished yet!

  2. Hurry up, Ev!! Where would Monday be without a submission from you, Sir! ;)

  3. Go Sidney, go Sidney! That's how cheer your crew on, good on you guys am anxious to see what you all have in store for us!

    1. By the end of Challenge VIII, Sander, I promise I'll be motivating the Monday team with Pom-Poms. Now that'll be a sight....!

    2. Righto coach! BTW: did you get my mail with the uniform book-link-thingamabop?

    3. Certainly did, Sander. Thanks so much!! Just crafting a reply now, but thanks again!!

  4. Have a wonderful day of it Sid!