Wednesday, 21 February 2018

From JamesM: 15mm Farm Vehicles and Terrain - 44 points

Hi folks,

Big game planned for Sunday, where I get to put a large chunk of my terrain out for the chaps at the club, along with a good chunk of my models. We're on the 4th in a series of linked battles for Noyers Bocage (based on Operation Pomegranate, 16-17th July 1944). You can check out some of the reports of the earlier games here, here and here.

As part of that, I've been working on terrain bits and bobs. First up, a set of 15mm vehicles, which will be scatter terrain for around the village. The 15mm SS figures are for scale purposes. I've gone for a couple of different basing styles as some of these will be sitting on more 'built up' terrain.

All the vehicles came from Irregular miniatures, and I picked them up at Vapnartak in February. Not bad little kits, but I paid a lot more for them than I thought I would! Especially as I took no crew of animal figures.

Next, I've some more graveyard items, finishing off the previous batch. I also updated my original batch of these from last year to have flowers as well:

Then I have some small gardens - these are plaster and from Timecast, I believe. I already had a few, so grabbed some more at Vapnartak. Again, just scatter terrain for some back gardens - figures for scale. I've two more of these to do, but they needed a bit more work:

And lastly, just because they took up some time tonight, I've got some MDF irregular shapes, which I have put various static grasses on to try and turn into small forest stands (shown here with no trees on them):

so 6 x 15mm vehicles = 36 points + I'd think 2 or 3 for the terrain bits (which I'll leave for Ray to decide, as I know how much he loves terrain).

From Ray

Nice post James. I do like the 15mm Irregular wagons, I remember the good ol' days when Irregular were on the cheaper side of expensive, unfortunately not now ( I just checked out their site!!!)
Now I know I'm not that good with Math but I count 7 vehicles, not 6???
So I make that 42 points for the vehicles and I'll give you 2 points for the terrain.
Total 44 points!


  1. Nice looking vehicle James and the terrain looks good too. Many uses all around.

  2. Nice collection of terrain James!

  3. Nice waggons and trucks, gardens are good too.
    Best Iain

  4. Great work James - little things that can add so much to games.

    I love those gardens...have to look into those in particular...

  5. Really great terrain selection, James! Fantastic farm items, and some very neat gardens!

  6. Very nice- I’m quite taken with the gardens!