Friday, 9 February 2018

From MilesR: Sons of Anubis (217 Points)

This weeks submission is 31 painted Anubis Jackal Warriors.  These will be added to the growing ranks of NPC opponents for my upcoming Historicon participation game "DAK & Dragons 2.0" - I think these miniatures are from the Eureka "Chaos Egyptians" line.  I'm not totally sure as these were purchased second hand.  More on their acquisition at the end of this post...
Thirty warriors and a leader that make up this pack.  All of the figures are in some form of motion and most only have one foot on the ground which is a bit of an issue for stability.  I'll need to add some weight to the back of most of the bases to keep these fellows from toppling over.

The shields are really basic for now but will suffice.  I'm trying to track down more of these figures so I can have a few different unit running around causing mayhem (as is their nature).

The Eureka website classifies these as 28's but they're rather large mini's as compared to two future opponents - a Perry Plastic SAS figure (DAK & Dragons) and a Empress US Ranger (SOCOM & Sorcery).  I tried to normalize base heights to get a fair representation.
These figures are not quite 40mm but way over 28mm.  I'll leave it to our fair and just Challenge Overlord to determine how to judge these humble servants of Anubis.  I also feel obligated to mention that Curt is a very snappy dresser and is both erudite and charming.  Obviously, since these are statements of fact, they can not be misconstrued as an attempt to sway his opinion.

Many people may also say that bonus points are in order for my possessing a ruler with the blasphemous metric system on it.  It's just another proof point that I am a citizen of the world and regard all of people-kind with the same level magnanimity.  There really are only two types of people in this world - highly evolved miniature painters and Morlocks.

The way I purchased these figures is a funny story and also shows how generous and thoughtful our gaming community can be.  While running a DAK & Dragons game last year at Historicon (I think was my 6th iteration of the game) a gentleman came up to me and said he really liked the game and had some minis on his flea market table that, rather than sell, he wanted to give to me - it was a box with these minis.  I was blown away by the generosity but did insist on paying his listed price.  The box also had a much larger Jackal Warrior, who you might see in a future bonus round.

I think we should always bear in mind that the vast majority of people in this hobby are both kind and generous, especially if one chooses not to delve in the darker internet corners of the hobby like the TMP forum.


What a cool batch of figures Miles. Maybe it's me being such a dog lover, but I've always found the whole anubis thing very creepy - whenever I've come across them I often have a hard time meeting my dogs eyes for a few hours. Nonetheless, I've always enjoyed the sculpts coming out of Eureka - they always seem very characterful and well thought out. I also really liked your feel-good story about the generous fellow at Historicon. Trolls and troglodytes aside, there are so many amazing people to be found in this hobby, many of which, I am proud to say, are participants of this humble event.

217 Points for these dog-faced boys, well done!


  1. lovely work, it's a great mash up

  2. Curt - I kind of found the figures a little creepy for the same reason - dogs are good, how can they be trying to slice my minis up with tiny swords?

  3. Great work never seen these before. Great stuff.

  4. Very characterful figures Miles, love the paintjob!

  5. Nice work on the guys Miles and great score on the free figs. Top marks for moving into the scientific age and working in metric. It's really quaint how you Yanks cling to the last vestigial tail of your Imperial past by measuring objects in terms of medieval King's body parts.

  6. Great stuff Miles - always liked these figs (which are indeed Eureka Mins)

  7. Just think of them as bipedal Scooby Doos and that'll take some of the curse off them. "Rat's rearry rood rainting, Riles! Heeheeheeheeheehee!"

  8. Great looking mythical types, nice feelgood story too!
    Best Iain

  9. This is going to be a fun scenario!