Friday, 9 February 2018

From VictorC: Four More 10mm Spanish Battalions Arrive for Battle! (224 points)

Over the last week and half I was able to finish 4 more Spanish battalions. Please give a nice warm hand to the Guadalajara, de la Armada, Cordova battalions and the Valladolid Grenadier battalion.  They have made hard journey to the battlefield and they will not be denied their right to fight!

Again all of the flags are speculative and taken from what I could piece together from various sources. 

The de la Armada battalion

The Cordova battalion

The Guadalajara battalion

The Valladolid Grenadier battalion

I have 9 more Spanish infantry battalions to complete for my Battle of Almanza project.


What a terrific group of battalions, Victor. I like the punchy bold colours you've used for these fellows, with my favourites being the chaps in yellow from the De la Armada and Guadalajara battalions. I'm curious: what rules will you be using for this Almanza project once it's done? One thing for sure, it's all going to look spectacular, especially with what you've shown us to date.

224 points for your march up the points roster Victor. Excellent work!


  1. These are fantastic - I really love how the smaller scales look "en masse"

  2. The colours on these are brilliant and vivid, great stuff!

  3. Great work on these teeny little men. Very colourful and gives the real impression of troops en masse.

  4. Thank you everyone! Time to get more primed!

  5. Splendidly arrayed, Victor, these will really make an impression on the tabletop.

  6. Great looking battalions!
    Best Iain

  7. Lovely troops and photography!