Wednesday, 14 March 2018

From JamesM: III Flak Corps 88's - 56 pts!!

Hi folks,

Back on track attempting to finish off my German artillery/AA compliment. This time, I've 4 x 88's from a battery of Luftwaffe guns that formed part of III Flak Corps.

These are newer plastic kits from Battlefront - 15mm models from their 'mid war' desert range. As such, they look slightly different from the metal guns I have. I suspect there is a reason for this, but I've not been able to track any specifics down. Difference include square footplates on the cruciform mount and a slightly different shape to the gun.

Unfortunately, when I've put them together I've somehow managed to not line the barrels up, so they are all a little off centre. Obviously these Luftwaffe troops are not used to engaging ground targets! From a rules perspective, I am going to use an army list from the Market Garden FoW books, which had an all AA gun army list. Reluctant Trained troops all the way!

As they are technically desert era figures, the crews are all in soft caps and one man on each crew is in shorts(!), but I felt this worked OK for Luftwaffe troops and I got the packs at a significant discount. Each crew is 5 men strong, with a gunner sitting at the gun and 4 men serving the gun. They are the new Battlefront ABS plastic figures. These were actually OK to paint, paint stuck fine and the detail came out alright. Faces are poor though, and getting the mould lines off proved to be a fools errand.

Camo on the guns was just a light stipple of the same colours I used on the smaller Luftwaffe guns.

Total for these will be 16 points for the guns and 40 points for the crew (at 5 men per gun for a total of 20 figures). A total of 56 points.

From Ray

Terrific work James, love the subtle camo work on the guns, and the Luftwaffe blue. I didn't notice the chaps in shorts and I couldn't when i blew the pics up. Did you paint them as shorts?
 Cool work James 56pts it is!!