Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My Last Wednesday!!!

It's been a blast chaps, its also been hard work!
How the hell the SnowLord used to manage this on his own I'll never know???
It seems I've spent all my spare painting time, usually a (Tuesday and Wednesday)
sorting all you luvverly lots posts rather than my own painting.
Thank you to all my charges for delivering some damn fine figures for me to 
point score, I can't say I'll miss trying to add up the terrain items, that's for sure!!!

Anyhoos on with the show!


  1. You've done an outstanding job!

    Seriously though. Nicely done sir and thanks for being our minion. Its an experience none of us will ever forget!

  2. Top minioning Ray ... now if only you had deleted posts from other days!

  3. You've done remarkably well Ray - only one post eaten, but it did look like a Toblerone I hear :)

  4. Many thanks Ray, you did a great job, I am sorry to hear that it took away from your painting time...............but if I remember correctly you have been accused of sandbagging in the past.

  5. Thanks for looking after us Ray. No posts for me this Wednesday, I'll wait til the weekend or early next week.

    1. Probably the safest thing to do after last week ;)

    2. Actually I've kind of hit Challenge burnout this past few days.