Sunday, 25 March 2018

GregB - That's a Wrap, Thanks Everyone!

Look at the mess I make in my wife Linda is a saint...but it's time to cheer for the Jets!
Thanks to all for another wonderful Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.  I did not get to do a final wrap-up post last year due to work, and this year has been more of the same, but I thought I would try and cram one in anyway...

So many folks have these nice light boxes and other frilly photography nonsense...I just don't have the time. Maybe one day. But here are a few blurry pics of the different subjects I managed to cover in this past Challenge.

For the Emperor! 28mm Second Empire French infantry and cavalry

For the King! 28mm Prussians for the Franco-Prussian war.
In all it worked out to:

- Franco-Prussian War: 57 foot and seven cavalry in 28mm (I might have that count many months ago, it was...)
- Cold War-era Bundeswehr: Nine MBTs, four recon vehicles, six AFVs, two SPAA vehicles and two attack helicopters
- Cold War-era Canadian Forces: 12 MBTs, four APCs, four AFVs, three SPGs and a platoon of mechanized infantry, about 29 castings strong 
- Byzantines - 16 cavalry

Paltry theme submission production

For themes, I managed one 15mm tank destroyer, one 15mm AA gun team and one 28mm mounted First-Crusade-era musician. 

Looking back, there is a shocking amount of focus in my submissions this year, and a shocking lack of science fiction and 30k material.  I haven't been this "locked in" to historical themes in many years...but I loved all of it.  The least "planned" aspect was all of the 15mm Cold War material.  Once I started the one vehicle, before long, I was off and...well, you know how that goes.

Some armoured might for the Budeswehr!
Highs? So many! I'm proud to have whipped together a Canadian battlegroup for 15mm Cold War - that's fun. I'm chuffed about the Franco-Prussian war stuff, and the more I paint for, and read about, that period, the more I love it.  But most of all I'm probably excited to finally have painted some Byzantines in 28mm...I hope more will follow!

Leopard C1 squadron
RCHA's big guns!

Support elements for the 15mm Canadians

The Canadian foot-sloggers, ready to move out and defend NATO allies...or just get some beer, whatever...

Any disappointments? Sure. The theme submissions just didn't work out this year, and that was a downer, after a couple years in a row of managing to hit each theme round.  I gave it a genuine effort, but some of themes were just too far off the mark for my fading lizard brain, and I had to take a pass just to save some stress. 

Byzantine kataphractoi cavalry - hope to have more of these along next year...

Thanks again to Jamie for his fantastic minion efforts.  I also want to acknowledge the consistent support of so many Challengers, too many to name them all.  But MartinN in particular continues to inspire with his mind-blowing brushwork.  My friend Byron from right here in Winnipeg rolled out whole new forces (one of which we have already gamed with - so cool!) and that was really something to watch. Alex over in Russia managed to have me smiling with every single submission, but especially some of that terrain.  And Tamsin was there with a supportive comment every time - I hope she knows how much that counts - thanks Tamsin!

Big thanks most of all to my great friend Curt.  I miss you my friend, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.  I owe you a trip or three to Regina, and I'm working on that...

The NHL playoffs loom.  And shockingly, the Winnipeg Jets look to be a part of it...I know heart break will be found there, but regardless - GO JETS GO! See you all next winter!


  1. You had an absolutely superb Challenge Greg! So much to admire, the Franco-Prussians, the Cold War Canadians, but most of all those gorgeous Byzantine cavalry. I'll have to wash my mouth out after uttering this hockey aphorism, but you really 'dropped the puck' with those guys, what a great start. Can't wait to see more from that project - tremendous stuff.

    1. Thanks dude, much appreciated. Hope to add more to the Byzantines too, and hopefully they will be a bigger part of the next Challenge :)

  2. Cheers Greg, well done that man!

  3. Great work! I realy enjoyed your Candian Cold War force.

  4. Great work Greg, loved those Canadian Armoured vehicles

    1. Thanks Ken - your WW1 project was a highlight of this edition of the Challenge for me!

  5. Lovely armour, great Franco Prussians but the Byzantine cavalry were just fantastic!
    Best Iain

  6. That Cold War stuff was wonderful! Makes Ivan pause.