Sunday, 25 March 2018

From BenitoM: The year of the Austrians

It's almost incredible how time flies. I still have fresh memories of prepping my models, buying some new brushes and anticipating the Christmas holidays... look like just yesterday. It's been my third challenge this year and so far the one I enjoyed the most.

The group photo is not very good but here is the full output of these three months, 100% pure Napoleonic stuff.

The Challenge this year has been an excellent catalyst to accelerate my Austrian Army project and not just for the amount of models painted, but also because it enticed me to do some research looking for info about less popular units participating in the 1809 battles. That's how I found the Vienna Volunteers, which has been a joy to paint specially because I saved my eyes from so much bright white paint.

I also took the opportunity to paint some of my old 1/72 Airfix British, the scale we are using in the club to play General d'Armee these days, and a few French reinforcements for L'Empereur Grande Armee.

Thanks to Curt for taking up the challenge of organizing The Challenge again. To Adam (aka Sidney Roundwood) the Monday minion-on-duty, to Millsy for the duel accounting and to the rest of participants for your comments to my painting work and of course for your wonderful submissions (I have now a literally bursting folder of photos in my laptop that I have stored as reference for future projects).

I like to conclude the final Challenge post with a photo of a visit to some place of military significance. Here is one from a visit last October to Almeida, Ciudad Rodrigo and Fuentes de Oñoro. This was taken at Fuerte de la Concepción, a XVII century Vauban fortification converted into 4-start hotel (here if you want to know more) with my wife and a another friend.

Hope all participants a wonderful rest of the year and will see you again in December.


  1. You had a terrific Challenge Benito. I especially loved your Vienna Volunteers.

  2. Great work Benito. I agree with Curt - those Vienna Volunteers were wonderful.

  3. Well done- I don’t know how you just stick to one project!

  4. Congratulations on a great Challenge.

  5. Consitently lovely Austrians, always a Monday treat!
    Best Iain