Tuesday, 13 March 2018

(ReadyFrom: KentG - AWI Infantry plus Mercurian Maculators (pts 215)

 First up 3x60mm figures
these figures are from Probos games Mutant Chronicles Warzone they a a pleasure to paint

These guys were given to me By Victor Cina who is also in this competition.
He sent me a box of figures to paint and give away, I decided to paint these guys
and send them back to him as a gift, the reason I haven't done the basing more is they will
need to travel and I don't want them to get broken.hope you like them Victor

so 37 x 5 is 185 point plus
3 x 60mm I think is 30 points
total 215

Well Kent, this is the last time I get to say this but: Dang, man you are a painting machine. I struggle to get 20 measly little 28mm figures done in 2 weeks and look what you have churned out! Those troll-types really look smashing, wouldn't everyone like to get figures painted as well as these? The poses are great too and you have enhanced that by very good basing. Now those Continentals look very good as well. Is this going to be your new "Napoleonic" project? Come on folks let's start another bet: how many AWI troops will Kent be able to finish before the Challenge ends? Anyway, I am honoured to have been allowed to minion for you and proud to have someone in the Tuesday Crew standing on the first place of the Score Standings well done Kent! 


  1. You've been a real gentlemen and a please to interact with thxs so much, this is the only box of these figures I have sorry but I am gluing together more stuff today let's see if I get them done opinion time

    1. Cheers Kent, I will try to wait for those patiently!

  2. So, so awesome Kent. I love both units. The skintones of the blue mutants are superb and I love seeing all the buff and tricorns of the Continentals. Wonderful stuff. Victor is a luck man!

  3. Great looking mutants, gorgeous continentals!
    Best Iain

  4. Kent the figures look awesome. Again you were supposed to use the AWI figures for your give away! Thank you for painting them and sending them to me. That is very kind and generous of you.

  5. Cracking work on those Continentals!


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