Sunday, 8 April 2018

From EvanH: My Challenge, or The Whole Catastrophe

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, last orders please; the 8th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is about to close the shutters for another year, and it'll soon be time for us to help collect the glasses, stack the chairs, sweep up the congealed sawdust, and shepherd the few remaining reprobates back out into the early Spring night.

"The 8th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge". Think about that. That's EIGHT TIMES Curt has devoted a goodly chunk of his own time to getting a ragtag band of misfits to paint, paint and paint some more, all in the interests of fostering comradeship and connections between painters the world over. You have to admire a person who can do that year after year and still maintain their sanity  remain relatively normal  not go doolally in public and have to be dragged away by the men in white coats.

It has become a tradition of sorts to get a group shot of each individual painter and their output for the Challenge, so here I am relaxing in my elegantly-appointed Tuscan villa with my own modest efforts. 

And if anyone asks, I'm smuggling a basketball.
It's not a huge haul; 25 figures plus four terrain pieces, but I did manage to exceed my target of 500 points by making sure I turned up for each and every bonus round. So 250 of those points are just down to good timing, really...

Here are a few of my faves from the Challenge, the submissions I'm most proud of;

Yeah, mostly the bigger submissions, but hey, the overarching theme was things 'monstrous', after all! 

And this last one, the Celtic oratory chapel, was more or less an afterthought to make up the numbers on my first terrain submission, and yet this unassuming little building excited the most comment of all my entries. Just goes to show, you never can tell (and thanks to Curt for getting me to pull my finger out and bring the submission up to scratch!).

So that's my Challenge for the 2017/18 season - and I hope to be back next December to have another go at the Lead Mountain!

May your brushes remain pointy and your last pot of Goblin Green never run dry - see you all later!



  1. Fantastic stuff Ev! Your brushwork was brilliant. I particularly liked the chapel - that was a lovely bit of bespoke work, my friend.

  2. A great effort Evan well done!

  3. Excellent and perfectly formed collection. Nicely done sir!

  4. Good to see the chapel in there mate. Congrats on a lovely body of work. Congrats also on shoehorning "doolally" into your final post. Well done indeed!

  5. Not a huge haul, Evan? What a fantastic achievement! Seriously well done!

  6. Loads of great work,love the chapel!
    Best Iain

  7. Thanks for all the kind words folks, it was great to take part and I hope to see you all for Challenge IX!