Friday, 15 June 2018

Even later to the ball! - Group shot from Sebastian R

Yes, it has taken me this long to finish the basing on my French rifles and get this photo up. At this point I'm not even sure it'll be published but I think I might be contractually obliged to provide this so...

Yeah... It's a little small, and yet, I managed to hit my target. I suspect my policy of making sure to hit all the bonus rounds paid off. Just as planned. I think it also says quite a lot about my painting speed under normal circumstances, but the first part of this year has been anything but normal.

It was a real pleasure participating, and I look forward to getting involved again next year (this year?) sans other obligations. Thanks all for the motivation and inspiration, hopefully see you all again soon.


  1. Great to see your final shot Sebastien. It makes me look less of a procrastinator! Great output this challenge and looking forward to seeing what you trot out in the 2018-9 season.

  2. Better late than never! Nice bunch, the scary cat head being the stand out!
    Best Iain

  3. I thought your dogs were great.