Wednesday, 17 December 2014

From JamesR - Eleven, no wait, Twelve Riders of Rohan (120 Points)

Due to Curt practically ordering us to paint Tolkien miniatures, I have a Riders of Rohan warband for the Hobbit/LotR Strategy Battle game completed.  These guys are the second warband that I've painted this year.  Rohan are super easy to paint and I look forward to painting a few more warbands.

Here's eleven of the twelve.

Here's a random side shot.

If you play Rohan, the good news in the most current errata is very good news.  Riders of Rohan do not count against your force's 33% bow limit.  You can now have a probably unplayable but fun all mounted force with bows.

Here they are running away!  Like should have done in their first game this Sunday.
Here's the twelfth guy out front.  I didn't notice he was missing in the group shots.  I posed him quickly with the other spear men.  It was getting dark and my battery was dying and I feared I didn't have the time or juice for another group shot.

The twelfth guy is on the lead black horse.
I've tried something different than a few random rocks on a base, by making mud puddles.  It's quite simple to do.  You simply leave blank spots on the base when you build up your ground cover.  Paint the "hole" the darkest color of your base and then gloss or lacquer over the top.  I'm experimenting with homemade miniature horse biscuits for future base decor.

the front base is a little fuzzy, sorry
Next time I hope I hope to have a couple more LotR minis (to please the All Seeing Curt), together with some medieval archers.


From Curt:
Holy smokes these are very fine James. I quite like your method of creating small puddles on the bases. This is something similar to what I was suggesting to Greg to do for his 'spring thaw' bases. It's a very cool effect. Horse biscuits? Jury's out on that one...
Welcome to the madness James and 120 points for your excellent efforts!


  1. James - funnily enough, I've just done puddles exactly the same way on my generals' bases. Great minds, eh? :)

    Beautiful work, especially on the horses. Just a quick note for future reference - the muzzle and lower legs of the bays should be "black".

    1. Good catch, I often forget to do the socks. I'll tell people they're Liver Chestnuts, not Bays.

  2. Nice riders! The puddles work very well indeed.

  3. Great work! I might steal your mud puddles for future use.

  4. More LOTR goodness. As everyone has said puddles are a very nice touch look out for them in next years Challenge! Welcome to the madness. I hope the rest of your entries are as good as this.

  5. Nice work on the puddles and the horses...

  6. Very nice, clean work.

    But yes, clearly Curt chose the wrong theme this year...

  7. Great work - Curt is correct, I need to try this for my WW2 bases. And the riders look outstanding.

  8. Really great painting work; very nice miniatures and bases.

  9. Lovely clean brushwork indeed. Love the puddles on the bases!

  10. Excellent stuff, love to see the Riders of Rohan. The all mounted force works rather well... lots of shoot and scoot tactics - whittle them them down then charge in to finish off.

  11. That's great idea re the puddles . Great job ontne lads too

  12. Excellent work. Great idea on the puddles James. It's going to get used by many of us no doubt. cheers

  13. These are great. When I was young, in the 80's, my main wargaming opponent did a beautiful conversion of some Norman knights into some Riders of Rohan. Unfortunately he was a massive coward and never launched a single attack with them or any other unit. generally it was me launching a massive assault on rows of Elven bowmen in massive units (old warhammer v1). Once i slaughtered them all with Vikings (Auden,s Ravens),although Auden died.Seemed a waste of good cavalry to me. Get there the fastest with the mostest.

  14. Thanks everybody, but I really think good sculpts are over half the battle in making minis look good.

  15. Really nice work, and great idea with the puddles.

  16. Love the horses, very nice painting indeed


  17. I really like this figures and your photos of them. I look forward to more LotR.

  18. The riders look great! Nice work on the bases too! My son and I were at the train store not long ago, the owner was showing me his latest product. Cow pastures in O, Ho, and N. Tufts of grass and flowers that can be used in bits or by sheets. Also cow biscuits in scale! I cannot make this up! Cow droppings in scale....and I thought I had a touch of OCD! ;)