Tuesday, 30 December 2014

From Gilles - The reinforcements are coming! (127 Points)

I was in hurry this week!
For a busy week , it has been a busy one !
too much painting programmed for too few days to do it before the Tuesday parution.
but with patience and practice I nearly finished, althought a part of it will appear only next tuesday due to a lack of basing and flocking in time.
so here is the reinforcement as promised:
Firstly three more chinese workers from Wargames Foundry in 28mm

Then a unit of Polish knights with their mixed strzelcy for my Medieval Polish project at Grunwald

The banners of the district of Poznan and the Nadworna (court) banner, the figures are from Essex miniatures and there's 2 mounted crossbowmen from the good old Mike Models inserted,of course in 15mm.

and the second Germano-Bohemian unit of spearmen for my Medieval Hungarian project (how many projects the french jester does in the same time? You will never know ;-) )
Like the other Germano-Bohemian unit of spearmen they are from Essex Miniatures.
The choice of the shield designs was a pain because I would like to do different colours from the first I done, just to differenciate the units when I'll play.

 I hope you'll like them....



  1. What an eclectic submission. Wonderful work!

  2. what a lot of great works !!
    I'm impressed with the free-hand painted shields : perfect !

  3. These are great, what a brill mix and love the colours especially like the shields


  4. A great mix, really like the chinese.. must look them up in the WF

  5. Those are great looking shields. I'm very impressed that you hand painted so many different designs.

  6. The Chinese workers are grand, the sheilds on the infantry a great! It makes them a real treat for the eyes!

  7. Very nice work, Gilles - visions of Deadwood and Mr Wu's pork butcher shop are dancing in my head as I type this!

    Those knights are really something - while I love medieval figs, I would never try to paint them in 15mm, that's just too damned small. So you can imagine how impressed I am with those Poles and Bohemians!

    Excellent work!

  8. Wow... simply wow. What a mix and what colours. As David says, a real treat for the eyes :-)

  9. Nice mix and lovely work Gilles :)

  10. Your shields impress me every time Gilles and it seems you've added flags to that now too. Wonderful brushwork mate!

  11. Some great painting here again! The shields look ace.

  12. They have ducks on their shields! That is too delightful! The knights are brilliant, and the mounted banners - excellent work. Bravo sir. A very strong entry.

  13. Excellent work! Those look superb.