Friday, 23 January 2015

From ScottB - 28mm Empire of the Dead - Nosferatu Faction - Thrall with 'Big Gun' (5 Points)

A recent return to Empire of the Dead gaming, having enjoyed painting up Baskerville earlier, has had me slotting a few extra models in the main painting queue...

One such extra is this Nosferatu Faction Thrall...

I kept the colour palette dark and drab as befits his sinister background.

Thrall with Gatling/Volleygun...

The eyes were a little tricky being right up against his face-concealing scarf/mask.

He is wielding an enormous Steampunk/VSF gun, that looks something like a ManPacked Gatling gun, or may be a Volleygun. Either way it can lay down some serious fire-power to assist and support the close combat orientated Nosferatu faction.

And if the action still gets a little too close to home for him...

... and big sword.

...he has a rather nicely slung sword and scabbard across his back...Drop the big gun, draw the sword, and we're in business!

I've got a similar big gun in the pipeline for my Gents faction, and am busy getting paint here there and everywhere on differing models... I've been dotting about a bit and not actually getting many completed... Must try harder!

From Curt:

That's a very cool figure Scott. I like the muted tones and the detailing on the sword/harness looks ace. 

I always wonder about the ammunition for these multi-barrelled BFGs - I would assume they would go through shells like nobody's business. Hmm, perhaps he forgot the ammo belt back in the coffin next to his eyeliner and foundation makeup? Well, good thing he brought a sword otherwise the boss would have a real fang to pick with him... ;)

I look forward to seeing the Gents faction!


  1. Very nice work! I like your color choices and how you handled the flesh around the wrap. He looks very menacing without the BFG! ;)

  2. very well painted and I love the colour choices. He looks fearsome.

  3. Nice! Love the coat, very well done indeed.

  4. Nice figure Scott, really like the muted colours you've used.