Friday, 23 January 2015

From SeanS - The rest of those 28mm scale Goblins (70pts)

Like a moth to a flame, I have run up to the deadline once again. It seems I can't help myself.

This week is the sore thumb edition as I somehow jammed my thumb by someone punching me in it. I don't think I could repeat that if I tried.

The group in all their glory
So I have mightily struggled with the bunch. My usual problem is to get them within spitting distance and then get defeated by the fiddly painting. By not having a standard uniform I created a bit of a headache for myself and found some difficulty in persevering with my color scheme.

The helmeted dudes
In the end I went with a few differing shades of grey and added a few blues and even some green to the ensemble. (Can goblins wear green, or does it clash with their coloring? I'm not a trained aesthetist.)

The Aerodynamic bunch.
 For the basing I did my usual ground work, but tried out my new GW Middenland Tufts.  They look okay, but I feel like I cheated without also adding my regular flock. In the last picture you'll see one of the older basing materials and can judge for yourself if they fit.

Dudes with shields.
While I was starting these I was completely unaware that three of the figures sported shield nubbins. Fortunately I have tons of old plastic shields.  Unfortunately, 20+ year old plastic shields can be quite brittle. The one in the middle split in half as I tried to jam it on over the shield boss. Oh the humanoidity! Somehow I managed to glue it together so you can't tell. The shield on the right is molded that way. One of these days I will press myself to do a more complex design, but the shields are hand painted. I would ask for my money back if those were decals.

So done and dusted. Here's the full unit, these 14 plus the 6 finished earlier.

From Curt:

These guys are awesome Sean! I love seeing these old school casting - all those long noses and beetle brows just kill me. I also like the bright brass colour you've used for their metalwork as it looks very, um, gobliny(?).

I think a mix of your old basing with the addition of a few judicious tufts would be spot-on. Just my two cents...

I hope you thumb heals soon!


  1. Can goblins wear green? Yes, but they'll look nekkid from a distance ;)

    Nicely done Sean :)

  2. They look really great! I really did the older stuff! I have never painted a goblin in green, but I imagine they would wear any color providing it was lurid!...or would that be orcs? ;)

  3. I have no issues with them wearing green anymore than you or I wearing Pink! Nice lot of "OldHammer" Gobbos.

  4. Thanks all. The main issue with the Green is to make sure that it doesn't look like "flesh" tones. I ended up going a more hunter green because the English Yew looked a little too close to orc flesh coloring. For me Goblins are more extreme in their fabric choices, these guys are pretty muted by my standards. The Brass/ Bronze color is just something I've been gravitating to, partly to not have a sea of silver metallics. I also think it gives a more scavenged armor appearance. I need to figure out what's up with my Bolt Gun Metal. Ever since I transferred it to the dropper bottle it doesn't want to mix right. It's a crap shoot whether it will be more black or more silver. The jury is out on the tufts. I need to find the sweet spot in their use. Lastly, I was able to open sweetener packets this morning, so thumb is improving.

  5. These are great and I agree with Curt the mix of different finished bases will add to the look of the unit


  6. They look great! Really like you gave them red eyes. Truly old skool.

  7. Thanks Ian, you and Curt are right. Regular basing with judicious use of tufts.

    Thanks Moiterei, it's a compulsion to paint their eyes red. Only a few curses when I accidentally painted a cheek bone red here and there.

  8. Good to see someone else is still painting orcs :-). Love em!

    1. Thanks Millsy. Sooo many more to do.

  9. They are wonderful. Great painting work!!!

  10. I really like to old Citadel figures, they have so much character. These look superb. Personally, I would mix the old and new basing i.e., flock and tufts on the same bases. I do this with my 6mm figures and it makes for a great effect.

  11. Wonderful character on display. Basing looks great, and I'll second (or third?) the choice of metallics. It gives them an oddly "ancient" aspect that sets them off nicely from the usual medieval fare. Great work!