Friday, 23 January 2015

From SteH - Some more of those blasted Orcs! (20 Points)

That's right I've managed to repair a few more of those damn GW Orcs that I mentioned earlier. I have to say, and I'm probably repeating myself but they are not GW's greatest hour and I find myself not wanting to paint them. And this is the crux of my problem as I enjoy the game, imagery and genre in general but some of the models are a bind. And yet every now and they do some that  are a joy to  paint (Beanomir, Borosean.... you get the drift) so I guess I'll persevere. I am looking forward to the Gondor Rangers that are next in the paint queue so hopefully that'll replenish my mojo!

Anyway here's 4 of Mordors worst, true reprobates if ever I saw some. These will probably get an outing against ScottB's Rohan, Gondor or something suitably scary and in true Orc style run for the hills, but that's part of the fun.

Now I'm off back to the paint table to continue working on my comedic and hot bonus rounds, paint a ton more Uruk Hai and try desperately not to veer off plan and paint some 15mm WW2 tanks.

From Curt:

Well, they may have caused you a bother but they came off wonderfully Ste. Did you use inks? I quite like the shading. My favourite is the nasty one with the axe!

Well done!


  1. Even with some soft detail these have come out splendid. Good work on less good plastics.

  2. I have these, and you are very correct. From the front and back they are really good and full of animation, but on the sides? What the heck is that blob supposed to be! ;)
    Your orcs look very good though! My favorite part of them is the mishmash of weapons and apparel.

  3. Ahhh, more Russkis. Oh, no - my mistake - this lot are Orcs!

    Great stuff Ste :)

  4. For all your trials your doing a great job on them and I look forward to them every time you say you have more to come


  5. A shame they are so bad sculpts but you've done a great job on them nonetheless.

  6. Nice job Ste, I like the little weapons conversions too.

    15mm tanks you say? Hmmm says I! ;-)

  7. I like the colors you used on them. I would never have known they were conversions. Nice job.

  8. Great job on poor figures Ste. Looking forward to your next entry.