Saturday, 7 February 2015

From StefanoS - 28mm Napoleonic French Young Guard Voltigeurs (111 Points)

I am painting like a mad dog. Risking divorce :) just kidding.

Painting so fast that I forgot to take picture of unpainted figures ....

Here please find my 3rd entry for the Challenge :

22 x French Young Guard Voltiguers. 28mm Perry Metal.

Flag by GMB.

From Curt:

Yes, finding the balance between home-life harmony and the absolute necessity to get just one more paint layer done can be a challenge in of itself.
Lovely work Stefano! While I have a reasonable collection of Napoleonics I don't have a single Guard unit, and so when I look at this wonderful unit I think it's high time I fill that gap.

And... congratulations on breaking your 300 point goal! Now you can ease back a bit and coast to the finish line, OR go great guns for glory - just make sure to keep your better-half happy.  :)


  1. Very cool miniatures. I love their trousers.

    Don't risk divorce, drug her tea like I do mine. No watching the Bachelor or talking about your day, when you should be painting.

    Romans versus French, sounds quite interesting. Please do a battle and post your after action report.

  2. Good looking Guards. One must always strive to "ensure domestic tranquility" :)

  3. Nicely done and congratulations on getting to your goal.

    I ply The Hubby with lasagna to offset the needs of the hobby :0)

    1. Hey, a lasagna goes a long way... I could definitely get behind that. :)

  4. My last girlfriend said "It's me or those bloody toy soldiers!"
    So I said "We'll miss you!"

    Nice work on this bunch of Napoleonics

  5. Great looking Battalion


  6. Very nice. It can take up a lot of time this painting game. It can go bu quickly though. cheers

  7. I have a bunch of those in transit somewhere between the UK and New Zealand right now. Lovely figures, and lovely finish you have there. Must order the fanions from GMB too.

  8. Thanks to all for the support. Cooking a good lasagna take long time as well.
    I'll rest for the week-end pleasing my "comprensive" wife with a romantic dinner for San Valentine...then I have to complete an Perry Plastic 8th army platoon...
    Any wargamer freindly girl available on this blog... to share playing/painting lovely moments together ...(preparing myself for divorce) lol :) :)

  9. Excellent work - Perry metals are always a pleasure to paint and your work is fantastic

    Use the excuse I use with my lovely, yet fierce wife - of all the mid-life crises a guy can have, painting toy soldiers is definitely on the tolerable side of the line!