Saturday, 7 February 2015

From TeemuL - High Elves (20 Points)

First I must apologize for not replying the comments or commenting others' entries lately, I have been rather busy with other hobbies, work and one major hangover lately. I did manage to read this week entries yesterday, but now I'm back on the track - I hope. Thank you for all the comments, they make me happy and push me to get something ready for each deadline! :)

Good news is, that I managed to make my Hot entry ready and paint these four GW LotR High Elves for today. They have the same colors as the captain and standard bearer last week, I find it rather fast to paint. Lots of washes and inks, but they do like very royal, royal enough to fight for the High King.

I added some genuine LotR ruins (painted years ago) on the background to get in to the proper mood. You might notice, that I didn't paint the eyes. The old ones have eyes, but they don't look good. I like these better, there are some shadows on they eyes thanks to the wash and they don't look messy.

From Curt

Other hobbies. Other hobbies?! Pshaw. Get your priorities straight young man. 'There can be only one.' ;)

Great work Teemu. Did you use flesh wash on the armour of these fellows? I quite like the burnished look of the metal.  Nice ruins as well!


  1. One Hobby to rule them all. One Hobby to find them.
    One Hobby to bring them all and in the Challenge Bind them!

  2. I like the blues and the golds together. Very nicely done!

    Don't tell anyone, but I have other hobbies as well :)

  3. The recipe for the armour: White undercoat, then Leadbelcher and very old Shining Gold. Finish by giving a generous wash of Reikland Fleshshade. Back in the days it was just Mithril Silver and Flesh Wash, but since they are long gone, I needed to find an alternative. :)

    And by other hobbies I meant for example playing games with my miniatures and playing some rock tunes with my friends in the basement.

  4. And the ruins, yes, I like them, too. White undercoat, Yellow Ink (if you still have some) and very heavy white dry/overbrush. Simple as that!

  5. Very nice indeed, love the blue and the gold together


  6. Really liking the blue/silver/gold combo Teemu. Keen to see more.

  7. More LOTR goodness. Very nice. cheers


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