Tuesday, 17 March 2015

From Evan & GrantH - A Very Cunning Plan Indeed (176 Points)

So seeing as it has been one hundred years since The Great War, We thought it would be fitting to find an anti-hero from this era. So while it would have been great to find a very serious historical figure for this role, we then realised we would need a much more cunning plan. This posed a crisis. A large crisis. In fact, if you have got a moment, it was a twelve story crisis with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, twenty-four hour portage, and an enormous sign on the roof, saying “this is a large crisis”. A large crisis requires a large plan.
Excellent question. Naturally, the man to develop such a great and cunning plan would be Captain E. Blackadder.

The reasoning behind Blackadder being an anti-hero is because of his very self-centred method of survival, combined with begrudgingly accepting the duty he has been tasked to perform. Although he almost never does the duty, he does manage to pull off the occasional decent gesture. Clearly a man of wit and reason.

(We have two versions, one done by me and the other by Evan.)

Also a Lewis gunner, because he was part of the set.

 Evan's version:

Quick note: the figures are from Renegade Miniatures which provide outstanding high detail miniatures! Also the last ten Paras from the earlier post!

And from just Evan…

WWII Canadian Commandos. Size: 15mm 

The commandos were formed in 1942 under the command of Colonel Robert Fredrick. They were nick named the Devil’s Brigade and initially saw service in the Pacific. In 1945, the unit was disbanded and most of the commandos were sent to the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, some of the Americans in the unit were sent to the 101st or the 82nd Airborne Division in America, or to the 474th Regimental Combat Team.

The miniatures took a good 24 hours to clean, file/trim, paint, and landscape.


So the total for today is thirteen infantry, one 75mm howitzer piece (all in 28mm), and 45 infantry more infantry in 15mm scale.
We have one more post in us for this Challenge I think… 

From Curt:

A very cunning plan indeed! 

Well done lads, Blackadder is a brilliant antihero guys! Now, do I get both or just one? ;)

Seriously, great work, both of you. The WWI chaps are excellent and I especially liked that you included the details like the shoulder insignia, rank chevrons and red piping on the cap. 

The Paras are wonderful as well, with that howitzer and crew being particular standouts. 

Finally, bravo to Evan for doing up some of the Devil's Brigade. You couldn't want a more tough-as-nails unit on the tabletop.  Made up of both Canadians and Americans they were a very hard act to follow (though we all know that the Canadians were the greater amongst equals in that partnership). ;P 
Terrific work Evan.

AND congratulations in attaining your points target for the Challenge. That is no small feat for your first outing.  Again, well done.

I look forward to seeing your final entry guys!


  1. Thank you, Sir! Seeing as there are two of us, we will be sending both your way!

  2. Cunning! Good bunch of painted miniatures. cheers

  3. Great idea, wish I thought of that.

    More good work as well, hopefully you will be back again next year


    1. Thanks! we intend to return for more if possible!

  4. Very fine work on Bean...er...Black Adder! ;) I give 500 points for doing the devil's brigade! But where is Sgt Prince!? ;)

    1. Thank you! Evan is planning to add characters at a later time.

  5. Great work and a fine Anti-Hero.

    I'm a big fan of the Devil's Brigade and really wish World War II provided more examples of the US and Canada working together directly AKA with out some British commander getting in the way ;)

  6. Well done lads! Congrats on a very successful first challenge.