Tuesday, 17 March 2015

From JamieM - Pulp City Powerhouses (20 Points)

My gaming group discovered Pulp City a few years ago. It's a super hero miniatures game and once I saw it, I was amazed that there weren't more super hero "proper" miniatures out there, given the crossover there must be between comic book fans and wargamers.

It was run by a couple of people out of Poland and their passion for the subject was infectious, so a large order ensued and we were away!

They recently ran a very successful Kickstarter and I was in the odd situation of backing a Kickstarter for a game where I already had a bunch of painted figures. So I picked up the new rulebook, all the extras like new cards, etc. but I decided that I needed to get some fun stuff too as the disappointment of opening a parcel without any new toys in would just be too much to bear...

And then I saw the new "Powerhouses". Pulp City now assigns an archetype to each hero, be they a brawler, support or shooter and they get bonuses when doing what they do best. The Powerhouses are the big boys, so think Hulk or the Thing from Marvel. These were to be cast in resin and as they became unlocked through the kickstarter they just looked lovely.

Here are the two I chose

The green chap is supposed to be a blue Neanderthal un-iced who supports the bad guys. My main super hero team is based on the power of nature and I didn't really like their powerhouse who was an old metal sculpt. So I decided this fella would do as the power of nature if painted a bright spring green, sort of like Herne the Hunter made flesh.

The red chap I bought because I thought he looked awesome - simple as that! He is called Amok and runs with a martial arts inspired super team. So the chances of me getting some martial artist figures to support him going forward is pretty high :)

They're big lads, as this scale shot with a 28mm pirate shows, so probably up to the 54mm scale of things. The base inserts are hand scribed by me as that's how I started doing the bases for my other figures in the range so decided to stay consistent.

Absolutely lovely sculpts with almost no clean up required and I can heartily recommend the game to others if you fancied a little bit of "Pow!" and "Kablam!" In your wargaming :)

From Curt:

As you say Jamie, these are terrific sculpts and very evocative of the super hero setting you're doing. Your painting of these two brutes is superb (the shading with the musculature is brilliant)  and so are your hand-crafted bases - just wonderful. 

Question: How many figures/personalities does a player need for this variant of Pulp City? It would seem that you don't need that many but I may be wrong in assuming that.


  1. These are great, love the red meanie


  2. Wonderful brushwork Jamie, the colours are glorious!

  3. Awesome! I look at these and feel like getting loud and going.... RAAAAAAARRRGGH!
    Top work. cheers

  4. Thanks all! They're such lovely figures that they almost paint themselves. In response to Curt's question, the figures have a rating of 1, 2 or 3 depending on how powerful they are and you just pick points to an agreed limit, so you can easily play a game with 3 figures a side without fear of points being left over or having trouble fitting heroes into points, etc. which I can find can often be a problem in skirmish games if there is a wide variety of points assigned to figures.

  5. Splendid looking brutes! I really like the green Neanderthal! I'll have to look for these, my kids would love them!