Tuesday, 17 March 2015

From GillesW - Final sprint to the finish line! (630 Points)

Finally I come back with the pictures of all I have painted since one month, in preparation of the Tournaments I played in February, March, and the one I'll play next weekend in Germany.

I always find the basing and flocking part of the figures somewhat boring but it must be done so, I pull off the lazy guy who stood on my stunt painting station' s chair and done the job.
For a meeting on the Jugula ruleset I have painted five Gladiators to join the Mirmillon I done last year, the figures are from Gripping beast range.

The retiaire:
 The velite:

The thraex:
The provocator:

A second mirmillon:

the Lanista ready to salute you!

all the flesh triads are coming from the Wargames Foundry.

Then, to complete my Foederate Roman army and play it in a Field of Glory Themed Tournament, I have prepared some Late roman of Essex Miniatures range, the carrobalistae are coming from the Alain Touler Figures range (a french manufacturer).

To complete my army list in view of the Tournament in Germany next weekend, I have just finished one more Szkelers battle group for my Mathias Corvinus Hungarian army. 

and now to continue my " Give them a second life " project (yes a freaky long term wish!), the pictures of the old figures  I have painted many years ago; I peeled off their bases, "re-undercoated" directly on the varnish and repainted them before rebasing and flocking them.

The 15mm Essex Miniatures  Sumerian with few Chariot Miniatures mixed were painted in the late 90' on a black undercoat, after a white coat spray and a short time in "thefrenchjester's bath" (a brown wash bath in fact), some paint work later I have the command bases and all the carts done, the infantry will take more time, ;-)).

The final words are for the special troopers of the Thematic Byzantine 15mm Essex Miniatures range, the command figures are from Outpost Miniatures range;

I firstly undercoated them in white, tried a test figure painting = unsatisfied by the result!
then I undercoated them in black, tried a drybrush painting on one figure = still unsatisfied by my work!

so I tried a brown coat on the figures = No comment!!

after a break I decided to get back to a Black coat (after a fourth coat of spray I cannot still continue to speak of undercoat now!) and paint them in a more classical "Base+Highlight" painting.

I hope it will do the trick at some distance on the mat.

One busy month of intensive painting, but a productive one! I 'm quiet happy!
The Vth Analogue Hobbies Challenge has been a GREAT year challenge!


Be seeing You;-)

From Curt:

Wow, another amazing points nuke for our final run-in - entries like this make my head swim! 

Tremendous work Gilles, bravo! 

There is so much to like here. The chariots and cavalry are excellent but I have to say that my favourites are the mixed pike and archer units in the last few shots. The shields are excellent and I really like the arid basing as well.

Also, congratulations on breaking though your Challenge points target (though you virtually did it with this submission alone!).

It was awesome to have you with us this year Gilles. Have a great time at your tournament in Germany and have a lovely French spring!


  1. Well done Giles - all superb quality!

  2. 630pts?! Now that's just showing off ;-)

  3. Wow - that's a lot of great painting! I do like those Sumerian chariots.

  4. Now that's a great looking bunch of figures in a single points nuke. Lovely work Gilles :)

  5. I recognise some of these guys, your job is better though :-)


  6. Blimey!! That's quite a collection!!!

  7. Cracking chariots.. A great entry

  8. What a cracker of an entry! Well done Gilles.

  9. At first I just saw the gladiators and thought wow those are nice, then the rest followed! Huge entry! Awesome. :)

  10. Holy sh!tsnacks! That's a ton of figures and points. I think Ray needs to pass the torch of head sandbagger ;-) Great job by the way.

  11. Points BOMB! Great work and yep...it's been a blast! :)

  12. Great to see some more Jugula gladiators in the challenge :)

  13. The gladiators are grand, but I really love the ancients! My fav are the model T chariots! ;)