Friday, 13 March 2015

From RossM - Various Items (66 points)

This will be one of the last submissions from myself in this year's Painting Challenge with more varied items to follow shortly.

First up is an Uruk Hai captain from Games Workshops's LOTR range. A great figure in 28mm and a good depiction of the Uruk Hai at Helm's Deep in the Two Towers film.

Next is the main body of a Chaos Warrior Warband for Songs of Blades and Heroes. These are retro figures from the hay-day - my own opinion of course - of Citadel Miniatures. First is the Chaos Sorcerer or Priest depending on how the warband will be constructed. The figure is from the C02 Wizards range as shown in Compendium 1 and 2; a High Sorcerer of Chaos.

The clash between the robes and cloak sets the figure off well, drawing the eye to what will be the central figure of the warband when used.

Next is a tribute to another Moorcock character, this time, Rackhir the Red or as he was sold Buoophut Bane-Arrow - Devotee of Alaman from the Warrior Knights of Chaos set.

The next three figures are all from the Chaos Warrior range as shown in Compendium 2 and are the core of this warband.

Character, strong armour and realistically sized weapons set these figures apart from their later successors.

There may be a couple more from this range before the end of the challenge, only time will tell.

Lastly for this entry is the start of something very small; Hoplite and Macedonian armies in 6mm. Shown here are eight stands of archers and four of javelin armed light infantry. All of the 6mm figures that are planned to be painted this year will be based on 40mm frontages to allow use in a variety of systems including ADG, Impetus and Command and Colours.

The twenty four javelin armed troops above and below are from Rapier Miniatures as will all the Macedonians be. These are slightly larger than their Hoplite counter parts; although on the table it would be hard to really notice given the scale of them.

The twenty four Greek Archers below are from Baccus and are slightly smaller and finer than their Rapier counter parts shown further down the post.

Below are the four stands of Rapier Miniature archers, there are twenty four here as well.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Cheers for now.

From Curt:

A great entry with a wide assortment of goodies for us to enjoy - well done Ross. 

Those 6mm Greeks are very fine but I have to say that my favourites are the old school Citadel sculpts. I've always had a soft spot for the whacky Chaos warriors and wizards from that era and these lads certainly don't disappoint. That sorcerer has a bit of the James Earl Jones look about him and I love the nod to Moorcock's Rackhir with all that fabulous red (even the bow!). Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Great stuff Ross!


  1. Love the 6mm Ancients for some reason ;-)

    Do you rate Rapier or Baccus the best?

    The Chaos Mage rocks as well


  2. Lovely work Ross. The earlier Citadel sculpts were definitely much better :)

  3. With Ian , the 6mm has something about it. And agre with Tamsin.. The early Citadel were So much better

  4. Great stuff. Love the 6mm work. The challenge has made me thin about getting some, something I would never have contemplated before

  5. Great painting Ross, I love the old citadel sculpts as well. Your 6mm painting is top notch also

  6. Very cool to see all those retro Citadel Chaos figures come back to life! I remember them well, and I think I still have some buried away in some dark corner of "Lead Mountain!" Great work, Ross!

  7. I absolutely love how you did the chaos warband.

  8. Very nice, I really like the old Citadel figures too!


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